3 apps for easy iPhone mobile blogging

If you have noticed the text "Post From My iPhone" on a few of my post recently is because I have been using the BlogPress iPhone app to post with. BlogPress was one of the first iPhone blogging apps along with iBlogger, iWriter and soon afterwards came the WordPress iPhone app. Almost all four blogging iPhone apps support multiple blogging platforms such as blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, Drupal and more.

My favorite is the Wordpress app but it doesn't always work with self-hosted Wordpress blogs do to some XML-RPC error therefor I use the BlogPress app for mobile blogging. BlogPress may be my [...]

Google voice on the iPhone. Yes, there’s an app for that.

Earlier today I posted a rant about Google apps not being available for the iPhone after Google's announcement of Google Voice for Android and Blackberry phones. I want to thanks to Josh Hofer for leaving a few comments and he stated that it could be Apple's fault due to the app store approval process and Apple sticky iPhone rules for apps. After the post I did a little digging and Google provided a button to link to iTunes for an app and says or search for Google Voice. That page is no longer there but I did go to the app store and search for Google Voice and found two apps that will almost [...]

Why is Google making iPhone users feel left out?

Well, another day, another Google announcement. Last week it was all about the Chrome OS and yesterday it was Google calendar labs along with Google Task. Today Google announces Google Voice Apps for Android and Blackberry.

I'm not surprised by any of the moves that Google have been making lately but not having a few well desired apps for the iPhone already released is kinda starting to bother me. By the way, I thought Google had a partnership with Apple and not RIM/Blackberry anyway. So why the rant? Let's take a look at three native apps or features I'm waiting in Google to release for [...]

4 iPhone apps to push video to Twitter

Today Apple made the announcement that the app store downloads have top 1.5 billion in the first year. Needless to say I'm not sure how many of those billion downloads where twitter apps but it seems the app store can't get enough of them. First we had regular send a tweet apps, then tweet upload a photo, change my location apps and now we have push notification Twitter apps. It seems the latest Twitter app store trend since the launch of the iPhone 3Gs are Twitter video apps.

Twitter video apps are apps that allow you to record or upload existing iPhone 3Gs video and send a tweet for your [...]

99 problems with the iPhone but the battery ain’t one with these six attachments

There have been a few post recently about the disappointment with the battery life of the new iPhone 3Gs. I guess the upgrade Apple made wasn't satisfying and people are still having to regularly charge their iPhone daily. But don't worry if keeping your iPhone charged for a full day is your problem then take a look at one of the options below.

Incase battery back.

Mophie iPhone juice pack

Richard Solo battery

FuelTank battery

Thanks for the fueltank tip James Wong @communitymgr on Twitter

Kingston Kensington

IV from fastmac

There you have it folks a few battery options to keep [...]

5 iPhone 3Gs video tripod options for mobile videographers & better mobile video recording

As the popularity of the iPhone 3Gs grows so seems the amount of mobile video recording and creative ways to use the iPhone 3Gs as a serious video recording device. Since the launch of the iPhone 3Gs YouTube has seen a 1700% increase in mobile video uploads and at lease two music videos (Reyna Perez and Kenny Mosher ) have been produced using just the iPhone. Also we have seen a few custom made iPhone 3Gs shoulder mounts and other handheld devices being made for the up and coming iPhone 3Gs mobile video producer. Let's take a look at 5 various iPhone 3Gs video devices to help you record [...]

iPhone 3G S Apple Store launch coverage from Raleigh, NC – Year 3

I'm sure by now you know what today is, iPhone 3G S launch day and for the third year in a row I was able to catch up with an old friend and take some pictures/videos of the Apple Store opening plus the hundreds standing in line for the iPhone. When I arrived, I saw Ashton, who for three years in a row now has been first in line to buy the iPhone at the Apple Store in Crabtree Valley Mall. I first met Ashton in 2007 when he purchased the 1st generation iPhone and I was able to take this picture of him, which has been viewed over 5,000 times on flickr and I was recently told it may the [...]