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Google voice on the iPhone. Yes, there’s an app for that.

Earlier today I posted a rant about Google apps not being available for the iPhone after Google’s announcement of Google Voice for Android and Blackberry phones. I want to thanks to Josh Hofer for leaving a few comments and he stated that it could be Apple’s fault due to the app store approval process and Apple sticky iPhone rules for apps. After the post I did a little digging and Google provided a button to link to iTunes for an app and says or search for Google Voice. That page is no longer there but I did go to the app store and search for Google Voice and found two apps that will almost do everything the Google app for Android and Blackberry does.

The two apps are Voice Central and GV Mobile. Both apps cost $2.99 and after reading each app description I purchased the GV Mobile app and I’m very satisfied with it so far. GV Mobile allows me to send SMS with callers and read my transcribed voice messages.

Still, although these apps will satisfy my temporary anticipation for Google to release a native app version of Google Voice, as I posted earlier there’s no solution for Google latitude and Gmail push to be found in the app store.

We’re waiting …


— Post From My iPhone

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