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Why is Google making iPhone users feel left out?

Well, another day, another Google announcement. Last week it was all about the Chrome OS and yesterday it was Google calendar labs along with Google Task. Today Google announces Google Voice Apps for Android and Blackberry.

I’m not surprised by any of the moves that Google have been making lately but not having a few well desired apps for the iPhone already released is kinda starting to bother me. By the way, I thought Google had a partnership with Apple and not RIM/Blackberry anyway. So why the rant? Let’s take a look at three native apps or features I’m waiting in Google to release for the iPhone that should be out already.

1. Google Latitude

I’ve blogged about this before, there are so many ways Google can have Latitude working on the iPhone it’s just crazy that it’s not available already.

2. Native Gmail app with push notification

Oh yeah, the web based version of Gmail on the iPhone us sweet. But if you’re on a 1st or 2nd generation iPhone over 3G the web app is probably not what you want to use for sending and receiving email. I only use the web based Gmail app for searching old emails.

3. Google Voice

I guess with the announcement of the Google voice app it just put me on the edge because I can access the Google Voice web interface on my iPhone where I can read transcribed voice messages. Also I can click on voice messages and play the recorded file via the iPhone’s multimedia player. But would I use a native Google Voice app on my iPhone? You bet!

I guess what bothers me the most is that Google has the time, the money, the developers to make and release these apps for the iPhone but they have yet to see the light of day. It makes perfect sense for Google to have these apps for Android but to have these apps for Blackberry and not the iPhone, I’m feeling left out. 🙁

This was a rant post by Wayne Sutton, thanks for reading. I feel better now.

— Post From My iPhone

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