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4 iPhone apps to push video to Twitter

Today Apple made the announcement that the app store downloads have top 1.5 billion in the first year. Needless to say I’m not sure how many of those billion downloads where twitter apps but it seems the app store can’t get enough of them. First we had regular send a tweet apps, then tweet upload a photo, change my location apps and now we have push notification Twitter apps. It seems the latest Twitter app store trend since the launch of the iPhone 3Gs are Twitter video apps.

Twitter video apps are apps that allow you to record or upload existing iPhone 3Gs video and send a tweet for your followers to watch the video. Some of the Twitter video apps have their own social network and even allow you to send the video to YouTube, myspace or FaceBook. Take a look at four of the apps below.

1. TwitVid

2. Video Tweets

3. Tweet Media

4. Tweet Reel

Twitter video apps seems to have taken off lately but will they stick? Six months or a year from now will the sites become mini video social networks, will they still be up and running and how are the users using the videos they create along with their existing web presence, mainly their blog?

Either way, I’m still waiting for the 12Seconds.TV iPhone app to be updated, making another iPhone app to allow video publishing. I’m sure with the success of the iPhone 3Gs and Twitter we’ll see more push videos to Twitter apps in the app store soon.

Are you using one of the apps
above to send video to Twitter? If not what app are you using and do you think it’s a good idea?

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