#RootChat Recap on Innovation and Young People

This month TheRoot published a series called the 2015 Young Futurists. It's a great list of young African-American kids who are shaping the future of America in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.(STEM), media, entertainment, culture and entrepreneurship.

Last week TheRoot ask me to participate in a #rootchat Twitter chat sharing my journey and encouraging more young people to be innovative. Below is a recap of the #rootchat.

One of The 8 Black Techies Every Blerd Should Follow on Twitter

Today I was susggeted by Atlanta Blackstar online publication as one of the 8 Black Techies Every Blerd Should Follow on Twitter. I've been on Twitter since 2006 as user 800 or so and if I'm not the first black person on Twitter I'm in at least the top 10. Regardless it's still nice to be nominated as someone to follow almost nine years later. Thanks Atlanta Blackstar!

Also if you're wondering what a "BLERD" is... "BLERD" is short for, you guest it, Black Nerd. Just search urbandictionary for BLERD for more blerd references. There's even a Blerd Nation website and twitter account [...]

Join us for Black History Month Twitter Chat #BHMChat – Friday at 3pm EST

February is a busy month with the Grammys, all star weekend and more, but it's also Black History month. As African-Americans rank as the top users using social media, I feel we're obligated to have a positive conversation celebrating Black History Month. With that being said I'm pleased to announce I'll be co-hosting Black History Month Chat #BHMChat with L. Martin Johnson Pratt aka [...]

Twitter Chat: Emerging Tech Communities #DrivingInnovation

When it comes to tech communities, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and New York rank almost 1, 2, 3 but as the world becomes more technology focused by entrepreneurship and innovation other communities are becoming making it known you don't have to move out West to launch your company. Tomorrow I'll dive into the conversation on Twitter with @blackenterprise and discuss emerging tech hotspots & hubs outside of Silicon Valley.
Feel free to join the us using the hashtag #DrivingInnovation.

The meaning of my Twitter #hashtags the 2012 edition

A few people have asked what my twitter #hashtags mean. For example, #DES and #BFD. If you don't know, since being a Twitter early adopter (joined in 2006, user #874) I love hashtags. I created the #vampiremode hashtag a few years ago and from May 2009 to December 2010 launched a social media agency called OurHashtag with three partners.

Hashtags have been around for years before twitter in IRC channels and [...]