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99 problems with the iPhone but the battery ain’t one with these six attachments

There have been a few post recently about the disappointment with the battery life of the new iPhone 3Gs. I guess the upgrade Apple made wasn’t satisfying and people are still having to regularly charge their iPhone daily. But don’t worry if keeping your iPhone charged for a full day is your problem then take a look at one of the options below.

Incase battery back.

Mophie iPhone juice pack

Richard Solo battery

FuelTank battery

Thanks for the fueltank tip James Wong @communitymgr on Twitter

Kingston Kensington

IV from fastmac

There you have it folks a few battery options to keep your iPhone charged. As for the 99 problems, to me I think there’s only about three or four problems with the iPhone 3Gs now. A missing front face camera, Safari flash support, background applications and the AT&T exclusiveness.

As an iPhone power user, I have the incase iPhone extended battery. Do you have an extended iPhone battery? If so what brand and model.

— Post From My iPhone

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