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Weekly Pitch: Magma – Explore, Discover, Collect, Share, Track Videos online


The Pitch:
Magma is an online video platform allowing you to explore, collect, and track videos from all over the internet.

All I know is: Magma Team

Product or service
Magma provides in-depth statistics and real-time tracking for discovering what people are watching, right now.
Contact information:

My first impressions:
Another video social network? It’s clean, simple and easy to use via the magma bookmarklet.

Will I use it?
Maybe. I like the sharing and tracking video features. Anytime you can provide analytics on videos it’s a good thing.

What features I like?
The bookmarklet. By having a bookmarklet means it will work an any browser and computer.
The homepage how the videos are categorized.
The post to twitter feature after you have added a video to your Magma channel.

What features or information would I like to see:
More about the Magma team/company.
The ability to add my video social networking profiles to my Magma profile
Auto import my videos from other video social networks
More stats.

What does Magma remind me of?
Vodpod –

Magma is currently in private beta.

If you would like for me to review your product or site please email: pitches at socialwayne dot com . Disclaimer: I have no investment or relationship with the creators of this site. Thank you.

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