How to be the first to beta test Yobongo new iPhone app and chat with people nearby

Yobongo a new iPhone app that provides a way for mobile users to chat with people nearby has been in stealth mode since late October but that is about to change. I received a tip that in the next 48 hours if you have "liked" the Yobongo facebook page which is here or joined signed up for the beta here you may have a chance to be one of the early beta testers.

Yobongo which was first covered on TechCrunch joins the growing list of new mobile chat applications such as Beluga, FastSociety GroupMe and Kik. All which have users [...]

Would you check-in to win free Gas? Whrrl partners with Murphy USA for social loyalty program

As many question the value of using location-based services a lot users are still asking the question, what am I getting out of it for checking in? A few years ago using your favorite geo app was just a cool tech/geek thing to do but now it’s all about value. Fast forward to 2010 and the tech blogging space is dominated by post about Foursquare vs Gowalla and very few mentions of the other 20+ location-based apps that are working on partnerships to add value to their users.

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Enter Whrrl, is a Seattle based app founded by Pelago. Last week [...]

iPad app review: App Notifications goes 2.0 & why it’s my most used & favorite iPhone/iPad app

I get the feeling that if you ask many iPhone or iPad users what is there favorite app you'll hear a range of apps being games or books or entertainment apps. For me it's simple app called App Notifications (@appnotification on Twitter). So what does App Notifications do? Well, it does a lot but to keep it simple, it pushes custom content to my iPhone and now my iPad in real-time as it's created/published. The content can range from RSS feeds, email, Twitter searches and more. I first started using App Notifications a few months ago on my iPhone and fell in love with it as it keeps me [...]

Pitch: opens new social community focused on similar interests

The Pitch, a new online community built to connect people with common interests, announces the public beta launch of its service ( Unlike other social networks, which essentially see viewers connecting with the same people from site to site, regardless of their personal connections, Simler is focused on finding similar people through similar interests. Upon signing up, a new user "tags himself/herself" with relevant attributes that describe him/her, and Simler uses these "tags" in order to connect people with similar interests.

Discussion in Simler is used to [...]

Protect your brand with – New site, improved service & Twitter contest.

The Pitch*: (formerly ClaimMyName) now injects your brand into 300 of the most popular social media and social networking sites, creating an account on each site, securing your name and/or vanity URL, and embedding your messaging, logo and links into each account.

Why Claim Your Name?
Brand Protection - Claiming your name and other high value keywords on the most popular social networks prevents your brand from being hijacked and helps ensure that you own and control your presence online. Don't wait until someone else claims your name and its too late.

Brand Exposure - [...]

Twitoaster launches API and WordPress plugin to bring twitter conversations & analytics to your site.

The Pitch
Twitoaster ( ) – the service threading conversations on Twitter, favorite of New York Times writer David Pogue – is launching its open API on Thursday, October the 8th.

This API will open all Twitoaster’s data and services (conversations threading and archiving, statistics, search...) to third party applications.

This could be a great news for many Twitter app developers, as they’ll find here a very easy way to integrate conversations and statistics in their applications.

Companies looking to manage efficiently their Twitter(s) account(s) could [...]

How to pick a twitter hashtag winner with Lucky Twit: Video screencast

When it comes to Twitter you can almost use the line, "there's an app for that" with new mobile, desktop and web based apps launching everyday. Some apps are for analytics, some are for sharing links and some are for picking contest winners using a hashtag. If you're looking to do the later, then Kosmix's new web based Twitter is the tool for you. It's called Lucky Twit

The Pitch:
It's real simple. Go to Enter your hashtag in the top right and hit the big red button. Want to force people to use a keyword and a hashtag to win? Put both! Then see the [...]