Guest Post: Apps to make you seem musically talented

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I love music. Unfortunately, the only thing I know how to play is the radio. My husband sings, my daughters play the piano and my son not only beat boxes, he can hear a song twice and sing it back to you in key. Makes me sick.

On the other hand, I also love technology, which can help you look more musically talented than you really are if you know which programs to use! Personally I believe everyone can make music, and everyone should. So here are some brilliant [...]

Guest Post: Remotely Control a Mac From an iPhone

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Controlling a computer and accessing it remotely is required to stream down the important data from a system to an iPhone. It helps the work to be done conveniently as the user wishes. Google has launched an application named “TelekinesisG” to access a mac system remotely from an iPhone. Controlling a mac from an iPhone is different, interesting and new. It helps in streaming [...]

Latitudie a new Google Latitude app for the iPad & iPhone slips through the App Store but it’s not made by Google

As many of you know there's an unofficial no google apps allowed rule in the iTunes app store. Well, not really but we're still waiting on the official Google Voice and Gmail native apps to be approved. In the mean time developer Alberto García Hierro has managed to have approved a Google Latitude app called "Latitudie" [iTunes link] .

Google Latitude lets you see your friends on a map on Google Maps for mobile and iGoogle. Use Latitude to plan an impromptu meetup, see that a loved one got home safely, or just stay in touch with friends.

So, how does Latitudie work? It does a few things; [...]

Launch the App Store, Facebook iPhone app has been updated for iOS 4 and it runs in the background

iPhone 4 Facebook users can rejoice. Facebook for the iPhone has been updated for iOS4 and can now run in the background and has higher resolution graphics too.

There are some who thought the Facebook iPhone app wouldn't be update because of Apple App store nightmare stories and the original Facebook app developer saying no mas. I'm glad the updates are still coming as this is the second Facebook iPhone update we have seen in the last 30 days.

How do you use Facebook on your iPhone?

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Apple iPhone 4 @ Crabtree Valley Mall. Hello, iPhone. Good-bye, day.

Guest post by: @PennyMoxie

I told the guy who would be buying  my old phone that I would call him when I was out of the Apple store.  "What time do you think that will be", he asked.  I wanted to be CONSERVATIVE, so I replied, "about 9:00am.  I'm getting there at 6:45, so i can't imagine it will take that long."  I'm a first-class fool.

6:30am   I put my 5-year-old in the car and told her she was going with me to "pick-up my new iPhone" at the mall.  I figured she would get fidgety in the store, but we wouldn't be there that long.  At one point, while driving to Crabtree Valley [...]