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Guest Post: Remotely Control a Mac From an iPhone

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Controlling a computer and accessing it remotely is required to stream down the important data from a system to an iPhone. It helps the work to be done conveniently as the user wishes. Google has launched an application named “TelekinesisG” to access a mac system remotely from an iPhone. Controlling a mac from an iPhone is different, interesting and new. It helps in streaming music, videos, browsing important files, performing online searches, performing mouse clicks, running apple scripts, taking pictures in the icamera, entering text in the system using an iPhone. This application is really helpful and simple to work with.

By following the below mentioned steps, a mac can be controlled from an iPhone:
1.From Google code web-site, an iPhone remote needs to be downloaded.
2.Set the price option as “Free”.
3.Install iPhone remote after it has been downloaded.
4.Click open iPhone remote.
5.Create a login id with required password.
6.Go to apple menu in the iPhone.
7.Select System Preferences.
8.Select Network.
9.Select the network connection on which the iphone works from the pop-up menu.
10. Click on the Tcp/ IP tab.
11. An IP address appears.
12. Go to the iPhone and launch Safari.
13. Enter the IP address as :5010. For example, if the IP address found comes to 192.22.22, enter it as 192.22.22:5010.
14. Enter the user name as password created earlier in the iPhone.
15. A set of icons are displayed on the iPhone screen.
16. Click on the icon you want to access.

The mac can be controlled if the internet connection is active on the system and the iPhone as the iPhone depends on the IP address to access data from a mac. The controlling can be done when there is no Local Network connection. It requires being aware of the external IP address. After getting this IP address, the internet router can be set to pass the external traffic and thereafter, it can be connected to a computer. When iPhone remote is not required to be in use, it should not be launched. It helps to retain the security of the iPhone as it disables other sources to access the mac. Despite the inventions of this Telekinesis and other applications, at times the remote controlling does not happens. It can be blamed to the application crashes that happen in the system. Sometimes, the iPhone and system do not support the Telekinesis application.

This has been considered as a useful technique to access the mac remotely as it serves many problems to be solved easily without sticking to the computers for a long time. It helps to work and fix the important issues whenever the user gets leisure time. It does not require to transfer and to store everything in the iPhone to work with. It only accesses the files and after working on those files, it is again saved in the computer. Eventually, it is proved to be time saving and comfortable way of performing the tasks.

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