6 Mobile Apps and Email Newsletters For Entrepreneurs To Stay Current In Tech News

As a geek, nerd and entrepreneur I've been obsessed with tech. That also means I've also been obsessed with tech news. As a former Network Admin/IT guy I had the benefit of setting up web servers, databases and watching the birth of RSS (Really Simple Syndication). RSS Feeds were once the once lifeline of all blogs and tech news. RSS "news readers" were launched like mobile apps today and while successful at the time struggled to gain enough traction outside of the teach world. While a lot of RSS News Readers, had a slow death such as Google Reader. My Google Reader once categorized over 3100 [...]

SlideShare: Messaging is Eating the World by Edith Yeung

First it was “why is software is eating the world, then it was mobile is eating the world and now we have “Messaging is Eating the World”. But for real… messaging is eating the world and messaging apps could impact almost every online experience from how we google search to shopping to delivery. For entrepreneurs you are almost in a “if you’re reading this now it’s to late” scenario because WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, Facebook Messenger are leading the way.

Meditating with HeadSpace App To Become A Better You

Back in November 2014 I wrote a post called I Just Completed 10 days of Meditation with Headspace App. In the post I mentioned how I stared meditating in 2012. Since then I've been between using two meditation apps, Calm.com, and Insight Timer. Both were ok but I didn't like the various teachers I would have to search for in Insight Timer or the random background sounds in Calm.com. Therefore around mid December I started back using HeadSpace App . I just started Level 3 and up to 11 straight days of meditating sticking with my 2015 be consistent goal.

My pros of using HeadSpace is that I [...]

Nokia’s App Social, Solving The Mobile App Discovery Problem

Apps rule the mobile world and it’s getting more difficult by the week to discover new apps. As we wrap up 2013, it’s time for tech blogs to publish their top apps articles. I’m sure after Christmas when everyone has unwrapped their new smartphone the big question will be, “What is your favorite app?” or What is the best app for preving docs”, or “editing photos”. Those are common questions online and offline, and it’s not getting easier.

Recently, I was having a conversion with a teacher who was complaining about all the educational mobile apps, and how it would be [...]

Guest Post: 5 Apps to Help You Reach that New Years Resolution

Guest Author:
Nancy Evans is a freelance writer that specializes in technology and business.

New Years Eve is just around the corner, and for many that means trying to come up with a list of this year's resolutions. It seems like every year, nearly everyone you know comes up with a long list of resolutions designed to make them a better person only to have many off those resolutions pushed into nonexistence or rolled over on to the following year's list.

While resolutions aren't always easy to stick to or achieve, there are several ways that technology can actually help you stay true to [...]