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Nokia’s App Social, Solving The Mobile App Discovery Problem

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Apps rule the mobile world and it’s getting more difficult by the week to discover new apps. As we wrap up 2013, it’s time for tech blogs to publish their top apps articles. I’m sure after Christmas when everyone has unwrapped their new smartphone the big question will be, “What is your favorite app?” or What is the best app for preving docs”, or “editing photos”. Those are common questions online and offline, and it’s not getting easier.

Recently, I was having a conversion with a teacher who was complaining about all the educational mobile apps, and how it would be useful if teachers could help create list to share what works for their classroom. Yes, with millions of apps resting in app stores, there’s a big discovery problem. Enter Nokia with a solution.


Nokia has launched App Social ( , a social discovery app store for users to create a custom list of their favorite apps and follow app lists as well. This makes perfect sense, for example I can create an “all things photos” app list that allows me to share on my Nokia App Social profile. From there, users can follow me or my list of apps which makes it easier the next time someone ask me: how to create a photo collage (I use Diptic for) or what app I use to take notes with (I prefer Evernote). I’ll have an App Social list to easily share and reference. You can find me in the Nokia App Social as “waynesutton” along with my photo and daily app list.


Other features of Nokia’s App Social is a leaderboard of individuals with the most followers and . You learn more about App Social here on the App Social product page. Other social media links for Nokia’s App Social are:

Speaking of photos, Nokia sent me a Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone. Yes, the yellow one with the 41 megapixel camera running Windows Phone 8. The phone is amazing and takes some of the best photos you’ll see from any smartphone or SLR camera.

I now have an answer for the teacher, as I’m following Mandia Ehman, who has an education apps list.


So far I’ve created two list, my daily app use and a list of photo apps.

What app list would you like to see created?

Disclaimer: This post was written as part of a partnership with Nokia, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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