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5 iPhone 3Gs video tripod options for mobile videographers & better mobile video recording

As the popularity of the iPhone 3Gs grows so seems the amount of mobile video recording and creative ways to use the iPhone 3Gs as a serious video recording device. Since the launch of the iPhone 3Gs YouTube has seen a 1700% increase in mobile video uploads and at lease two music videos (Reyna Perez and Kenny Mosher ) have been produced using just the iPhone. Also we have seen a few custom made iPhone 3Gs shoulder mounts and other handheld devices being made for the up and coming iPhone 3Gs mobile video producer. Let’s take a look at 5 various iPhone 3Gs video devices to help you record better videos.

1. ZGrip Pro for the iPhone.

The ZGrip pro currently cost $295.00 but a lower cost consumer model is on the way.

2. Do-it-yourself Tripod mount

Just make a trip to your local hardware store and add the Contour case for your iPhone and you’ll have a Tripod mount for your iPhone 3Gs.
3. MacBreak’s iPhone 3Gs Video Shoulder mounth


OWLE is new on the scene and in the video they plea for AT&T & Apple to allow Qik to be released in the App Store but this device is rumored to be released around Christmas at a reasonable cost betweet $30.00 – $50.00. 

5. mini spring clamp
This is my home made solution. I went to my local camera shop, Peace Camera and purchased a mini spring clamp tripod mount that will hold my iPhone.
My iPhone 3Gs video tripod mount setup
The clip will attach to my tripod for stable video recording.
My iPhone 3Gs video tripod mount setup

Also you can watch the behind the scenes of one of the iPhone 3Gs music videos. 

They didn’t go into detail about how they made the iPhone 3Gs shoulder mount but if you pause it a couple of times I’m sure you can figure it out.

What are your thoughts on the iPhone 3Gs video attachments and do you think we’ll some made from other manufactures such as Griffin and Incase? 

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