As Apple’s iPad awaits the official Twitter for iPad app, 6 more Twitter iPad apps look to cash in. Screenshots

It has been a month or so since @Twitter has released the official Twitter app for the iPhone and iPad users are left still waiting for an update. In the mean time other Twitter iPad app developers have released a few worthy Twitter iPad apps and if you search the iTunes app store for Twitter or tweets you'll see around 15 plus apps. Also a few weeks ago I wrote a post called "Top 4 Twitter apps for the iPad : " Stating at the time, out of the four twitterrific was the best. Here's a list of six more [...]

Video: Apple Employee Talks to Puppet using FaceTime video chat on the iPhone 4

Here's a fun how to handle weird customer support phone calls without getting freak out story. You knew someone was going to do something crazy when it was announced that Apple had setup a 1-888-FACETIME (188832238463) number so iPhone 4 users could test out FaceTime and talk to an live Apple rep. Now we have a YouTube video of a puppet making a FaceTime call. I wonder after this will we see Darth Vader and more cast of characters making FaceTime videos on youtube. Regardless check out the funny video below to see what happens when a puppet makes a FaceTime call to Apple.

I'm glad the [...]

Let the iPhone 4 pre-orders begin!

Earlier tonight the Apple Store went down for maintenance in prep for the iPhone 4 pre-orders to start on June 15. The Apple Store is now back up, and if you want to guarantee an iPhone 4, you can now pre-order or reserve an iPhone 4 for the June 24 launch which will start at 7am.

It looks like there's a new MacMini in the Apple Store too.

Did/will you pre-order or reserve an iPhone 4 today?

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iPad app review: App Notifications goes 2.0 & why it’s my most used & favorite iPhone/iPad app

I get the feeling that if you ask many iPhone or iPad users what is there favorite app you'll hear a range of apps being games or books or entertainment apps. For me it's simple app called App Notifications (@appnotification on Twitter). So what does App Notifications do? Well, it does a lot but to keep it simple, it pushes custom content to my iPhone and now my iPad in real-time as it's created/published. The content can range from RSS feeds, email, Twitter searches and more. I first started using App Notifications a few months ago on my iPhone and fell in love with it as it keeps me [...]