Why Underrepresented Entrepreneurs Don’t Have To Worry About The Looming Tech Bubble

We are not in a tech bubble, we are not in a tech bubble, we are not in a tech bubble, but the overall financial market will change being impacted by these three variables; the concern of a new president, more startups are taking longer to go public and the current state of public tech companies in the market. Various Silicon Valley tech investors have debated over the last year if we are in a tech bubble or not. Tech press/media has been keeping the bubble hype conversation flowing.

Last week a great article was published on Oz titled "What's Eating Silicon Valley" and challenges [...]

19 Recent Diversity and Inclusion in Tech Articles Everyone Should Read

In 2014 the diversity and inclusion conversation in tech reached an all time high and as we kick off 2015 the topic doesn't seem to be losing any steam; which is great as a lot of change is needed. Below are some of the more recent articles about diversity in tech that I believe everyone should read. The articles range from women in tech, sexism, under represented minorities in tech, the wealth and access gap, to defining what diversity actually means. If I missed any recent articles, let me know in the comments.

What Diversity Actually Means

Does Your Team Reflect "The Dream"?


Diversity in Tech, What’s Next? Collaboration and Capital

Repost from my November 26th, USA Today ArticleWayne Sutton: Three questions about diversity in tech

Google kickstarted a movement among Silicon Valley and Bay Area tech companies when they released their diversity workforce numbers in mid-2014. USA Today has chronicled the many reports that followed from multiple tech companies this year, and hosted a series of interviews and events. The conversation about diversity in tech – from data to assumptions to unconscious bias – continues to grow as 2014 comes to a close.

My company, BUILDUP, is a new accelerator launching in 2015 focused [...]

A Brunch for Building Relationships in San Francisco

Back in August one of my good friends Brian Martinez decided to host a brunch for a group of guys in San Francisco. You see, if you look at the picture a couple of reasons why this brunch was important.

Today, we held our second brunch. There were a couple of new faces and we're excited about the group and the relationships that are forming. The brunch consist of passionate individuals from startup founders, doctors, lawyers, investors, investment analyst, product managers and overall good people and friends.

Guys Brunch 2.0

Email [...]