19 Recent Diversity and Inclusion in Tech Articles Everyone Should Read

In 2014 the diversity and inclusion conversation in tech reached an all time high and as we kick off 2015 the topic doesn't seem to be losing any steam; which is great as a lot of change is needed. Below are some of the more recent articles about diversity in tech that I believe everyone should read. The articles range from women in tech, sexism, under represented minorities in tech, the wealth and access gap, to defining what diversity actually means. If I missed any recent articles, let me know in the comments.

What Diversity Actually Means

Does Your Team Reflect "The Dream"?


Is the Digital Death campaign a dead wrong way to use social media for social good?

Do you miss ALicia Keys, Daphne Guinness, Justin Timberlake, Kim Kardashian, Usher or Lady Gaga? Sorry to say but they might be still dead. Not dead in real life but dead on Twitter and Facebook. The Digital Death celebrity campaign stop using Twitter and Facebook to help bring awareness for World Aids Day started on December 1. So far they have raise $282, 922. which is great but it has been four days and I'm starting to wonder if the celebrities are enjoying their time away off of Twitter and Facebook or they are like hurry up and give so we can get back to posting status updates.

After [...]

30 days of Movember photos and last chance to donate to TeamRDU

It's November 30 and that mean it is the last day movember and thousands of men across the world have been walking around with crazy shaped mustaches to support men health. I'm fortunate enough to be on the awesome #TeamRDU lead by the one and only Gregory NG. We are currently $100 away from Greg's team goal of raising $20,000 and I'm sitting at a measly $25.00 raised. (For the record, I'm bad at fund raising, I ate all the Krispy Kreme doughnuts when I was a kid). Regardless, I have enjoyed taking part in Movember 2010 even though it started off as an emotional journey by shaving off all [...]

@blogactionday blog action day 2009: climate change


If you're anywhere near the blogosphere today then I'm sure you know today is Blog Action Day and this year's topic is climate change. I'm currently at Blog World Expo and I honestly I'm not a climate change "expert" so I wanted to highlight a few blogs that have already posted about climate change.


Facebook releases inspiring video to promote the Facebook Developer Garage Program

For those who know me, know that I love technology, online videos and video blogging. Well today I originally saw on Dave Morin's tumblr blog an inspiring video created by Facebook about the history of the Facebook Developer Garage Program and how all it takes to make a difference sometimes is your passion and a laptop. Take a look at the video below.

Update: For more on the video read: Celebrating Facebook Developers

After watching the video doesn't make you want to create something awesome to change the world? Great video Facebook.

Weekly Pitch: BabelWith.me a group translation chat room web app.

The Pitch
BabelWith.me is a simple chat tool that allows you to hold conversations in up to 45 languages. Invite your friends through Twitter, Facebook and email to join you in a conversation without language barriers. Or you can simply share your unique chat room URL anywhere you would like.

As users from around the world join your chat room, they’re given the option to choose a nickname and their language. Choosing any language other than English will immediately translate the entire chat room into the language they choose, including the chat log and all static copy.

BabelWith.me [...]

My one month social media job with Terrell Owens aka T.O., Changing a personal brand.


While working out this morning and watching Terrell Owens on ESPN being interviewed by Stephen A. Smith I felt like I was watching another athlete trying to reach out to the public to tell his side of the story to protect his image but failing to do so. I think at this point its safe to say that if Dallas doesn’t win the Super Bowl, T.O. will be gone and blamed for their disappointed season.  But T.O. has a bigger problem, he has an image / personal brand problem. T.O. is a very talented and gifted athlete but like most “troubled” athlete the media loves them because they make [...]