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Weekly Pitch: a group translation chat room web app.

BabelWith.Me - Create a Conversation

The Pitch is a simple chat tool that allows you to hold conversations in up to 45 languages. Invite your friends through Twitter, Facebook and email to join you in a conversation without language barriers. Or you can simply share your unique chat room URL anywhere you would like.

As users from around the world join your chat room, they’re given the option to choose a nickname and their language. Choosing any language other than English will immediately translate the entire chat room into the language they choose, including the chat log and all static copy.

BabelWith.Me - Conversation CClS implements Google Translate’s API and runs on Google App Engine’s Python platform. This offers great reliability and flexibility as we continue to add usefulness to the application and expand the opportunity for real-time, multi-language communication. is the non-profit organization behind

My first impressions:
I’m very impressed with the design and the usability of, it’s simple and it works.
Will I use it?
Maybe, but I don’t have to many international conversations but a free group chat room is nice to have around.
What features I like?
The speed of the site, and social networking integration to promote your chat room.
What features would I like to see:
Although I haven’t spent to much time with I would like to see a login profile linked to a custom permanent chat room name.

You can find on twitter as @BabelWithMe

If you would like for me to cover your product or site please email: pitches at pitches at socialwayne dot com . Disclaimer:, I have no investment or relationship with the creators of this site. Thank you.

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