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Video: Apple Employee Talks to Puppet using FaceTime video chat on the iPhone 4

Here’s a fun how to handle weird customer support phone calls without getting freak out story. You knew someone was going to do something crazy when it was announced that Apple had setup a 1-888-FACETIME (188832238463) number so iPhone 4 users could test out FaceTime and talk to an live Apple rep. Now we have a YouTube video of a puppet making a FaceTime call. I wonder after this will we see Darth Vader and more cast of characters making FaceTime videos on youtube. Regardless check out the funny video below to see what happens when a puppet makes a FaceTime call to Apple.

I’m glad the employee didn’t hang up or get mad or insult the puppet or we would probablly see a rush in blog post about bad customeor support and/or “Apple Employee hangs up on puppet” type post. But this is another example of good customer service by Apple and for anyone on how to handel weird/puppets phone calls. 🙂

I’m a big fan of FaceTime, as it’s one of the reason I stood in line for 4 1/2 hours to buy an iPhone 4. Here are a couple of screenshots testing FaceTime with @Jakrose and @evancarroll.

FaceTime with @jakrose FaceTime with @evancarroll

Hat Tip to @Tiffani for the Puppet video tweet and @Gizmodo for posting.

RT @kenseto: FaceTime and Puppets and Apple Employees. Oh my! (lmao. I’m glad he talked to the puppet still lol)Sat Jun 26 16:09:17 via Twitter for iPhone

If a puppet calls you on FaceTime how would you react?

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