New G-Whizz iPad app, a better way of multitasking all of your @google apps?

Tonight while looking at the app store to see if there has been a Googlewave app for the iPad released I came across an app called G-Whizz ( ). G-Whizz doesn't solve my Googlewave iPad problems but it does solve another one. It prevents auto refreshing a Google sites when opening new windows between other Google sites.

G-Whizz also provides a clean list of all of the Google services to switch between along with the ability to customize quick access icons locations. Besides the multitasking feature G-Whizz is very much like the official Google iPad and it unlike [...]

iPad app review: App Notifications goes 2.0 & why it’s my most used & favorite iPhone/iPad app

I get the feeling that if you ask many iPhone or iPad users what is there favorite app you'll hear a range of apps being games or books or entertainment apps. For me it's simple app called App Notifications (@appnotification on Twitter). So what does App Notifications do? Well, it does a lot but to keep it simple, it pushes custom content to my iPhone and now my iPad in real-time as it's created/published. The content can range from RSS feeds, email, Twitter searches and more. I first started using App Notifications a few months ago on my iPhone and fell in love with it as it keeps me [...]

New iPad app Penultimate surges to #1 in Apple’s app store on the top paid apps list

This is interesting, yesterday I wrote about how I used Evernote to take notes during a lunch meeting and how one of the other attendees had a MoleSkine notebook but didn't use it. As a fan of MoleSkine products I know what it's like to be always traveling with a notebook to not only take notes but to doodle/draw on as well.

Looking at the app store today I noticed an app called Penultimate surge past Apple's Pages App and the popular utility app GoodReeder. So what is Penultimate? Well among first launching the app it reminds me old Molkeskine.

Penultimate is made by Cocoa Box [...]

5 iPhone apps I can’t wait to be upgrade for the iPad

So far I'm really enjoying the iPad and the main reason I believe it will continue to succeed is because of the apps just like like it's older little brother the iPhone. Even though the iPad is only a few weeks old some apps have been upgraded/ made universal for the iPad and some have been released as new versions.

Regardless how these apps are upgraded/released for the iPad, here are five apps I can't wait to be released made/upgraded for the iPad.

1. GoogleEarth

2. LinkedIn

3. Flickr


5. MacDailyNews

What iPhone apps you can't wait to see made for the iPad?

-- [...]