How to Embed Instagram photos into WordPress

As I'm updating, I realized I wanted a simple way to embed my instagram photos After a quick google search I found a post called "10 Instagram Plugins for WordPress"

I tried three out of the ten and found oEmbed Instagram works great for me, so I'm sticking with it. If you need to make a gallery or more with Instragm you may want to give Instagram for WordPress a try.

oEmbed Instagram
oEmbed Instagram provides one of the easiest ways to embed images in your posts and pages. Simply paste in the URL to the Instagram photo and it will automatically appear

Example [...]

The 7 most popular photos on Instagram, there’s more than lol cats!

Instagram the fun easy iPhone photo sharing application is a hit for professional photographers, bloggers, and just about anyone who loves to take photos using their iPhone. I’ve been using it heavily over the past few months, but more often when I started posting movember photos. Since then my Instagram activity has increased tremendously and I’m enjoying seeing amazing photos from friends and others around the world.

Still, like any online or mobile community, after joining you will start to see a few trends. One trend for Instagram is cat photos but there are lot more than cats [...]

The unofficial check-in guidelines for using location-based services

Location-based services continue to be the hot topic of the marketing and tech space. New location-based apps are launching weekly and existing location based apps are growing their user base faster than you can check-in into to @starbucks. But with everyone checking into to what everyone is called the next big thing I think it's time for some unofficial guidelines for checking in using a few of the popular location based services.

Below are a few guidelines for using  location-based services.

Adding locations:

  • Add real locations only
  • Add as much information about the location as [...]

Can the Biltmore Estate use social media to enhance their offline experience? Photos and recap from the blogger outreach trip.

Last week I had the opportunity to be one the invited guest to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC for their Biltmore blogger outreach and social media event. I was joined by my wife @LaToyamsutton along with about 8 other bloggers and their families. The event was organized by Biltmore's Corporate Communications Manager, Jean Sexton @injeanius and some of the other bloggers who attended were @RealLifeSarah @IlinaP @StacieinAtlanta @pensieverobin @JenniferPerillo @mantripping @ManTripping @connerty. It was great to meet everyone and catch up with a few who I've known already.

Jean Sexton [...]

Breaking: New iPhone app @SquarePik allows pictures and video uploads to @FourSquare

I just wanted to use the word "breaking" in a blog post, it sounds exciting right? Sorry about that. Either way the big news is there's a new iPhone app on the way that will allow you to upload photos and videos to FourSquare. How you ask? Well, the iPhone app called SquarePik. SquarePik is created by Florida based startups Thirtynine and Pikchur and uses FourSquare API to post. The way the iPhone app works is a very simple. You login with your FourSquare email address or phone number. After signing in you'll see list of recent FourSquare activity from your friends. There's a places [...]

Personal branding: Making your avatar/profile photo standout from the rest. It’s the photographer

In a day in time where you're likely to see Twitter avatars ranging from chin-poses, charity support banners and bikinis, having an avatar that matches throughout your social networks is not a personal branding law but its recommended. But does that mean you need to hire a professional photographer just for a headshot for you to post on your Twitter or Facebook profile? No, but find a few friends from your local flickr photo meetup group or the friend who's always traveling with their digital camera and ask them to take a quick photo of you. For instance a few of my Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, [...]