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Personal branding: Making your avatar/profile photo standout from the rest. It’s the photographer

In a day in time where you’re likely to see Twitter avatars ranging from chin-poses, charity support banners and bikinis, having an avatar that matches throughout your social networks is not a personal branding law but its recommended. But does that mean you need to hire a professional photographer just for a headshot for you to post on your Twitter or Facebook profile? No, but find a few friends from your local flickr photo meetup group or the friend who’s always traveling with their digital camera and ask them to take a quick photo of you. For instance a few of my Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) and my online friends on the West Coast are really great photographers who have helped brand profile avatars or profiles for some of the web who’s who and my personal friends. Here are a few awesome profile photos below.

Bio head-shots for Twitter avatars
on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Photo taken by Don Hazelwood

Flickr Photo Download: SXSW Corvida
Photo taken by Brian Solis

Facebook Profiles
Facebook | Brian Gardner

Facebook | Alhad Panwalkar

Facebook photos taken by Jeff Cohen

Special Case: Self Portrait with photoshop skills 🙂
Twitter Photo taken by Chris Owens

As for the “personal branding” tip; having an awesome, rememberable photo across social networks are easy to identify and can assist in separating you from the rest of the average avatars or profile photos on the web. Therefore making you memorable ref. to 1918’s blog post “Being memorable.

When was the last time you updated your avatar or profile photo on Facebook or Twitter? Who took your last profile photo?

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