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Breaking: New iPhone app @SquarePik allows pictures and video uploads to @FourSquare

I just wanted to use the word “breaking” in a blog post, it sounds exciting right? Sorry about that. Either way the big news is there’s a new iPhone app on the way that will allow you to upload photos and videos to FourSquare. How you ask? Well, the iPhone app called SquarePik. SquarePik is created by Florida based startups Thirtynine and Pikchur and uses FourSquare API to post. The way the iPhone app works is a very simple. You login with your FourSquare email address or phone number. After signing in you’ll see list of recent FourSquare activity from your friends. There’s a places button that will use FourSquare’s API to find locations nearby. After you select a location, then you click the icon to upload media which can be either existing media or taken on the spot. Next SquarePik will check you into the location and post links to the uploaded media inside of FourSquare and send links to your social profiles such as Twitter & Facebook status updates if you have those options enabled in your FourSquare settings.

photo squarepik

Why is SquarePik important? Well in the very competitive location based app market, apps such as Whrrl, Brightkite, TriOut and Yelp provides a way for users to upload a pictures but Foursquare has yet to implement such features. Now with SquarePik not only does it allow Foursquare users to send media to there networks but if FourSquare was thinking about adding media uploads, SquarePik has developed the app to show them how. Note there are a few more features to SquarePik but I’ll let you find them out once the app is released. I don’t have a release date for the app but be sure to follow @Squarepik on Twitter for updates and a big thanks/congrats to Davide Di Cillo @DavideDiCillo of Thirtynine along with Pikchur team for allowing me to test the app.

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The Pitch:
SquarePik is an easy way to add photos and videos to your foursquare check-ins. It will also show you all photos and videos that were dropped at a venue.
Twitter: @SquarePik
SquarePik is a joint venture between Pikchur Inc. and 39llc.

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