Updated: Over 222,996 people checked into the Super Bowl with foursquare, GetGlue, Miso, IntoNow & ScreenTribe

Earlier today I wrote a post about how to earn various Super Bowl check in badges with foursquare, Getglue, Miso, IntoNow & ScreenTribe. During the Super Bowl, I checked in using all five apps earned four badges and took a few screenshots to estimate the check-in numbers. Take a look:

Not shown is ScreenTribe but early numbers looks like over 68,000 people checked into the Super Bowl with Foursquare, Getglue, Miso, IntoNow & ScreenTribe. Note, these numbers are just an estimate right after Super Bowl 45 half-time and does not include check-in numbers from the actual Super Bowl game [...]

Breaking: New iPhone app @SquarePik allows pictures and video uploads to @FourSquare

I just wanted to use the word "breaking" in a blog post, it sounds exciting right? Sorry about that. Either way the big news is there's a new iPhone app on the way that will allow you to upload photos and videos to FourSquare. How you ask? Well, the iPhone app called SquarePik. SquarePik is created by Florida based startups Thirtynine and Pikchur and uses FourSquare API to post. The way the iPhone app works is a very simple. You login with your FourSquare email address or phone number. After signing in you'll see list of recent FourSquare activity from your friends. There's a places [...]

MTV’s biggest dot: Could you fix Kanye West’s personal brand problem? #VMA

So tonight MTV video music awards has gone all social media online and offline from iJustin pre-show hosting, a customize tweet all from Radian6, displaying both tweets and Facebook walls comments on their homepage MTV.com. But clearly the star stealer and news of the night is non other than Mr. Kanye West who embarrassed and insulted Taylor Swift after she won "Best Female Video” award.

If you're not familar with Radian6 who's created MTV's tweet wall showing music artist, Radian6 provides the social media monitoring platform for marketing, communications and customer support [...]

Interviews and photos from the @Mashable / @Regator Atlanta Mixer, #Mashlanta

The Mashable / Regator Atlanta, GA Mixer was held on May 14, 2009. For more information see:

Talk Social News attended to interview some of the organizers, sponsors and attendees and we had a great time! The Mashable and Regator team planned a great event and the Atlanta community welcomed us with open arms.

FYI below is a video playlist of 10 interviews from the Mashable / Regator Atlanta Mixer. Use the navigational arrows to skip to the next video or wait for one video to end and the next [...]

Social Networking Etiquette feedback from the community: the good, the bad and the just stop it!

Today I was interviewed by Fox News 8 ( Bob Buckly & Stewart Pittman @Lenslinger out of Greensboro, NC about Social Networking Etiquette. I was recommended to discuss the topic by Jennifer Ruggiero a long time twitter follower and friend who I recently met in real life at a Tweetup in Greensboro. As I prepared for the interview I made a few notes and asked via ping.fm the following question: What are some good & bad examples of Social Networking Etiquette that you have seen?

Below are my notes, a few other blog post on the same subject and some feedback I received from Brighkite,  [...]