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MTV’s biggest dot: Could you fix Kanye West’s personal brand problem? #VMA

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So tonight MTV video music awards has gone all social media online and offline from iJustin pre-show hosting, a customize tweet all from Radian6, displaying both tweets and Facebook walls comments on their homepage But clearly the star stealer and news of the night is non other than Mr. Kanye West who embarrassed and insulted Taylor Swift after she won “Best Female Video” award.

If you’re not familar with Radian6 who’s created MTV’s tweet wall showing music artist, Radian6 provides the social media monitoring platform for marketing, communications and customer support professionals.

2009 MTV VMA Tweet Tracker |

Now taking a look at the dot you can clearly see there have been a lot of tweets about Kanye’s rude behavor tonight at the VMA’s and I’m sure they are a lot of blog post about the situation too. If you’re using a social media monitoring platform such as Radian6 you would see a lot of negative content online right about now and the upcoming days. Kanye’s behavior isn’t new, from the President Bush remarks to previous MTV awards outburst but tonights incident clearly takes the cake and could be career threatening to such an artist the relies on the public to make money by selling music and performing.

So now what? Can Kanye’s personal brand overcome his latest outburst? If you were in charge of Kanye’s marketing what woud you do? Here’s a start list of a few options.

Fixing Kanye West

  • A public apology to Taylor Swift online via YouTube
  • Enforce a no drinking before attending an awards show rule
  • Sit Kanye at least 5 rows back from the stage
  • Create a song called I’m sorry Taylor
  • Make video with Taylor Swift
  • Take a 3 year break form the public spotlight.
  • Stick to producing music
  • Or you just wouldn’t was your time

Could you fix Kanye West personal brand problem? Is this the beginning of the downfall of Kanye West? Should MTV invite Kanye West ever again?

PS. Taylor Swift stay positive and continue to make great music.

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