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Social Networking Etiquette feedback from the community: the good, the bad and the just stop it!

fox 8 news

Today I was interviewed by Fox News 8 ( Bob Buckly & Stewart Pittman @Lenslinger out of Greensboro, NC about Social Networking Etiquette. I was recommended to discuss the topic by Jennifer Ruggiero a long time twitter follower and friend who I recently met in real life at a Tweetup in Greensboro. As I prepared for the interview I made a few notes and asked via the following question: What are some good & bad examples of Social Networking Etiquette that you have seen?

Twitter / Wayne Sutton: Question: What are some go ...

Below are my notes, a few other blog post on the same subject and some feedback I received from Brighkite,  Twitter & Friendfeed.
Brightkite Feedback:

ocell: “Bad: anything automatic. Auto followback, autoresponders, autoDM… dilutes real social interaction and relationships.”

ninanord: “Having a hard time understanding why some people constantly use ie Facebook and Twitter to tell others how ill they are and what kind of bad mood they´re in… Easily turns into oversharing in a sphere where so many people talk, not knowing eachother personally.”

Twitter Feedback:

hartsock: @waynesutton saw a “social media” company spam all users exposing all emails on the to line. Sign up for their site get ur email harvested!
synergyblog: @waynesutton Bad example: constant “selling” of your wares, belittling others, never engaging (i.e. one-directional), ignoring good advice
Robert_Peterson: @waynesutton the autobot dm to new followers “Hey thanks, now read this great blog.”


samuraivt: @waynesutton good: social, human, good links shared bad: Constant self promotion & no interaction. Flooding Facebook with Twitter updates.
synergyblog: @waynesutton Good example: Be polite. Be kind. LISTEN. Add value when you have something powerful/meaningful to say. Be open to new ideas…
FriendFeed feedback

The interview will air on TV this Friday and the reporter asked me a closing question, “If I could only give people just one suggestion for social networking etiquette what would it be?” I told him for people to be themselves.

What would be your suggestion?

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