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Have Celebrities ruined Twitter and how to avoid the noise.

I just watched the “Celebrity Twitter Overkill” video on and my first reaction is wow, that’s sad. I remember the good old days when being on twitter was cool, the most followed accounts on twitter were Scoble, Kevin Rose and Twitterrific. If I was new to Twitter and watched the video from Current I would think Twitter was the celebrity TMZ follow me contest or something. Take a look:

iamdiddy (iamdiddy) on Twitter

There are plenty of ways to manage the “celebrity” noise on Twitter but I think with all the main stream attention from media, music artist, TV personalitis and more that has kind of put a sour taste in some of the “old school” Twitter community members, thus seeing more geeks flock to Friendfeed. Either way here’s four ways to avoid the celebrity overkill on twitter or to cut down on some of the twitter noise all together.

1. Don’t follow the celebrities (duh)
2. Create a separate twitter account. I’ve create a NC friends only twitter account and I love it. It keeps me connected to my IRL friends and the local community.
3. Ignore trending topics; in the past 24 hours Rihanna, Cassie and Soulja Boy have all been trending. (not interested)
4. Have your twitter notifications emails send to a different email address.

Here’s the first video: Twouble with Twitters

Do you think celebrities have ruined Twitter or are you tired of all the Twitter news already?

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