I Just Completed 10 days of Meditation with Headspace App

After doing some self reflection in late 2012 I started practicing meditation. That along with many nights at the gym for all of 2013 helped me along the way on my journey of self improvement. Since 2014 then I've been on and off again meditating. The same can be said about the gym but I'm working on being more consistent and using a couple of apps to help me along the way.

For meditation I'm a big fan of calm.com website and app. When I visited NC a couple of weeks ago I used the calm app to meditate with my son Micah. He's 3 1/2. After reading my friend Stacy aka the Zen Girl's
morning [...]

Screenshots: Holler iPhone App launches to help you connect with people around you for in person activities

I first learned about Holler during SXSW 2011 when founder Nick O’Neill showed me a few screenshots and talked about his vision to help connect people offline with the app. At the time little was posted outside of the Holler landing page but I still wanted to blog about holler as from what I saw I got the feeling the app could be a winner.

As time passed I wondered what was the status of Holler then I ran into Nick at the Google Ventures BBQ in Mountain View, CA. Nick gave me a status update, told me how he started over, learned iPhone iOS development and would be launching soon. Well, [...]

yobongo! Out of private beta, ready for you to chat with people nearby but in selected cities

Today is the day. @Yobongo (my baby) is now available on the App Store. Download right now!!! http://t.co/614LfGOThu Mar 03 17:33:51 via Twitter for Mac

That's right, those of you who have been dying to test Yobongo and/or attending SXSW the wait is over. Yobongo is finally out of private beta and ready for you to chat with people nearby on your iPhone. Today [...]

Is Google Latitude the most stalker friendly location-based service?

The long awaited Google Latitude iPhone application was released this week with much fan fair but little talk about privacy and what Google Latitude is good for. Google promotes Latitude as a service that allows you to "See where your friends are right now" and no matter if you're using the new Google Latitude iPhone app or Android version or updating your location from the browser Latitude can let your friends know where you are in real-time.

If you still need help understanding Google Latitude watch the Latitude video below.

While Google Latitude iPhone app may be new, Latitude is one [...]

TriOut launches HTML5 location-based check-in web app for Android and iPhone users plus API

Since TriOut launched the iPhone app back in December one of the most asked questions was when will TriOut have a native app for Android and other mobile platforms. While we haven't launched a native app yet, this past Thursday during the TriangleTweetup, TriOut founder Lawrence Ingraham @LawPower made two announcements bringing TriOut closer to having a native app for other platforms and helping TriOut Android users have a better experience.

The first announcement was the launch of the TriOut API. The API provides methods to interact with our system, pulling location information, [...]

Poll: ReTweet format battle: Via vs RT vs ReTweet . Which one do you prefer?

Over the past seven days I have beta tested two new desktop twitter applications, had two twitter web apps pitched for me to review and caught an exclusive look at an upcoming update to an existing twitter iPhone application. It has been one tweet of a week! As an active twitter user I don't mind beta testing or receiving pitches from developers especially when they listen to my suggestions and that's what happen yesterday while I was taking a look at a new twitter iPhone app update.

As I was looking at the iPhone app, I asked about the ReTweet format. One of the development team members [...]

New Binary Game for the iPhone, competitive, fun & social by @Garyvee & @Yonnage

There's a new additive app in the iTunes app store called Binary Game [itunes link] made by John Kassimatis @yonnage and Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee The app cost $1.99 and if you're good at math and very competitive I recommend you give it a try. Here's a video screencast of the game.

If you're watching @garyvee's twitter stream then I'm sure you know all about the app, take a look at one of the 1st tweets about the game tonight.

I'm starting to see a trend from new iPhone apps being released in the app store. With so many app being created and everyone trying to cash in on the popularity of [...]