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New Binary Game for the iPhone, competitive, fun & social by @Garyvee & @Yonnage

Binary Game for the iPhone

There’s a new additive app in the iTunes app store called Binary Game [itunes link] made by John Kassimatis @yonnage and Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee The app cost $1.99 and if you’re good at math and very competitive I recommend you give it a try. Here’s a video screencast of the game.

If you’re watching @garyvee’s twitter stream then I’m sure you know all about the app, take a look at one of the 1st tweets about the game tonight.
Twitter / Gary Vaynerchuk: @yonnage and I have a new ...

I’m starting to see a trend from new iPhone apps being released in the app store. With so many app being created and everyone trying to cash in on the popularity of the iPhone, developers now need to do more marketing for their app to get noticed. But with all the marketing your app still must be interactive, fun and must do more than just fart to make a few thousands dollars from the app store.

With the Binary Game, Gary and John has created an app that’s fun, competitive and social. The game has has it’s own website with a Challenge mode & Speed Mode High Scores page where you can see all the top 50 high scores.

Challenge mode & Speed Mode High Scores

Another trend I’m seeing is that almost every new iPhone app has it’s on twitter profile:
Twitter / b1narygame
The Binary Game twitter profile is @b1narygame With @Garyvee ‘s popularity I’m sure this app will be a success and the @b1narygame profile will have more than 2 followers it has right now.

I’m going to stop here and let you download the game and recommed you give it a try, as I’m going to try to increase my score and stay on the Binary Game top 50 list.

What’s your thoughts on the game? If you have an iPhone app how are you marketing it?

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