30 days of Movember photos and last chance to donate to TeamRDU

It's November 30 and that mean it is the last day movember and thousands of men across the world have been walking around with crazy shaped mustaches to support men health. I'm fortunate enough to be on the awesome #TeamRDU lead by the one and only Gregory NG. We are currently $100 away from Greg's team goal of raising $20,000 and I'm sitting at a measly $25.00 raised. (For the record, I'm bad at fund raising, I ate all the Krispy Kreme doughnuts when I was a kid). Regardless, I have enjoyed taking part in Movember 2010 even though it started off as an emotional journey by shaving off all [...]

The 7 most popular photos on Instagram, there’s more than lol cats!

Instagram the fun easy iPhone photo sharing application is a hit for professional photographers, bloggers, and just about anyone who loves to take photos using their iPhone. I’ve been using it heavily over the past few months, but more often when I started posting movember photos. Since then my Instagram activity has increased tremendously and I’m enjoying seeing amazing photos from friends and others around the world.

Still, like any online or mobile community, after joining you will start to see a few trends. One trend for Instagram is cat photos but there are lot more than cats [...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab unboxing video makes my iPad sad. #galaxytab

Last week I was mailed a Samsung Galaxy Tab via @samsungmobileus to test and review mainly because of a tweet sent by @HarrietCammock asking would I recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

My response at that time was [...]

Will Instagram become the next big mobile social network or just one awesome photo sharing app?

Instagram features:
If you own an iPhone, like to take photos and share them with your friends or send to multiple social networks then Instagram may become your favorite iPhone application. If you want to share photos with 50 of your closest friends, then Path may be the iPhone photo sharing application of choice, or you may want to try Burstn or picplz. I’ll blog more about Path, Burstn and picplz later but back to Instagram. I would describe Instagram as a mix of flickr, Twitter, ping.fm, Facebook and Foursquare all rolled into one with the context of content based around photos. The [...]

Offline, Online Mobile Marketing experiment with Google Goggles and Brands

As we start to wrap up 2010, brands continue to experiment with technologies to bridge online, offline and mobile users to increase customer interactions. Last month Google along with T-Mobile, DIAGEO, Buick, Walt Disney Pictures, and Delta Airlines launched a new Google Goggles marketing experiment with the focus for people to explore the world using mobile devices. Here's an excerpt from the announcement.

They have “Goggles-enabled” some of their print ads, movie posters and other media. When users take pictures of these with Google Goggles, they will be recognized by the app, and [...]

Myspace is still alive, so update your privacy settings

Myspace or is it My____ has been in the tech news recently from changing their new home page, new logo, new profile themes, a new focus on music and a new partnership with Facebook. With that being said, I took a few minutes today to update my ... MySpace profile. I have not updated my profile for a few years being that it was a social network that was not fitting my business or personal needs. Regardless, that is not a good social networking etiquette practice as I suggest for you to update your social networking profiles every year or if you have a career change.

As for Myspace profile [...]

How to mass delete Twitter direct messages. A premium Twitter feature in the future?

Today, @pipercarter sent a tweet saying "Twitter needs to come up with a way to mass delete all of these fake DM's.". Ironically I sent her a DM saying there is a way to mass delete twitter direct messages using a site called http://www.dmcleaner.com but it is not a feature from Twitter but a third party web tool.