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Offline, Online Mobile Marketing experiment with Google Goggles and Brands

google goggles marketing

As we start to wrap up 2010, brands continue to experiment with technologies to bridge online, offline and mobile users to increase customer interactions. Last month Google along with T-Mobile, DIAGEO, Buick, Walt Disney Pictures, and Delta Airlines launched a new Google Goggles marketing experiment with the focus for people to explore the world using mobile devices. Here’s an excerpt from the announcement.

They have “Goggles-enabled” some of their print ads, movie posters and other media. When users take pictures of these with Google Goggles, they will be recognized by the app, and users will have the option of clicking-through directly to a mobile destination from the brand.

For a closer look at these specific campaigns, take a look at our video:

To read more about the Google Goggles marketing experiment read the blog post: Offline, meet online: a marketing experiment with Google Goggles

If you are not familiar with Google Goggles watch the Goggles video below from Google.

As some of you know I’m a big proponent of QR Codes over, Microsoft Tags, and even Google Goggles. Why? Because of the simplicity to create, measure and implement with your existing or new mobile marketing strategies. I’m not sure if or when Google will release a way for all businesses to use Google Goggles technologies in print ads or other marketing campaigns. Although I do see an advantage over using Google Googles being that if a mobile user scans a Goggle’s enabled print ad they may seen different content depending on the “goggled enabled” products in the ad versus a QR Code. For QR Codes it’s one scan then directed to mobile content of choice.

Have you scanned or seen Google Goggles marketing poster before?

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