How to turn off Facebook’s Photo Facial Recognition in your privacy settings

If you didn't know Facebook added the ability for other users to tag your photos in a new way. It's being called Facial Recognition aka photo tagging. You can read about it via the Facebook blog here ( Making Photo Tagging Easier ). If you would like to turn it off Nick from All Facebook posted a step by step guide.

Head on over to your privacy settings page (found here), and click on “customize settings.”

Next, scroll down to the “things others share” area and locate the setting “suggest photos of me to friends” (pictured below).

Once you click on the button, a dialog box [...]

Privacy is still a top concern for U.S. Location-Based Smartphone App Users

When most people are talking about popular location-based applications such as foursquare, yelp, gowalla, and loopt the conversation is more about users, badges, check-in specials/rewards and value and less about privacy. Even though has changed a little with the recent news about both Apple and Google tracking smartphone users. Privacy using location-based applications is still a topic that is not discussed enough.

With that being said here's some valuable information from the "U.S. Smartphone App Users Concerned with Privacy When it Comes to Location" post via the Nielsen Wire.


The number one reason why people won’t join Facebook – chart

Despite having 500 million users and being "valued" at 50 billion dollars along with having a goal to be the first trillion dollar company everybody is not on Facebook. For example my older sister who is two years older than me and my sister-in-law who is in her 20s are not on Facebook... #justsayin.

According to the Chart of the Day on the number one reason why people won't join Facebook is they belive it's A BIG WASTE OF TIME. The second reason is privacy...hmm.

Via Chart of the Day/

Do you have friends or family who refuse to join Facebook? If [...]

Comic – A simple lesson about location-based applications and privacy from Batman and Robin.

This is too funny especially if you're a location-based services fan and love a good comic. Batman tells Robin to stop checking into the Batcave on FourWhere. Ironically Fourwhere is an actual product made by the guys at Sysomos.

Tip: GreggVM

Although the comic is funny, it is a simple reminder about privacy using location-based applications to check-in such as Foursquare, TriOut, Whrrl, Gowalla, loopt and the many others. Basically don't check-in at your home base or other places where you don't want people to find you or a secret place. I think this may [...]

Myspace is still alive, so update your privacy settings

Myspace or is it My____ has been in the tech news recently from changing their new home page, new logo, new profile themes, a new focus on music and a new partnership with Facebook. With that being said, I took a few minutes today to update my ... MySpace profile. I have not updated my profile for a few years being that it was a social network that was not fitting my business or personal needs. Regardless, that is not a good social networking etiquette practice as I suggest for you to update your social networking profiles every year or if you have a career change.

As for Myspace profile [...]

How to change your Facebook Places privacy settings in 6 steps: Screenshots

Facebook Places will be the talk of the tech world for the upcoming days ahead. The updated Facebook iPhone app has been released but places is still being rolled out to the millions of USA Facebook users. Facebook Places not only brings an updated iPhone app and changes to the Facebook web app but new privacy options as well.

During the Facebook Places announcement Facebook described how users will be able to easily adjust their check-in privacy options. I just went through my Facebook privacy settings and it's a 6 step process. Even though it takes 6 steps, the process is straight [...]

What you really need to know about privacy and checking in using location-based apps

Location-based services are the “hot” topic on the social web with platforms such as @TriOut, @Foursquare, @Loopt, @Gowalla, @Yelp, @Whrrl and more. Millions of users are checking in, sharing their location, posting reviews and uploading photos in real-time. Recently I've read a few articles about foursquare stalkers and how others are quitting location-based apps all together due to local wanna be's social stalking, and still others are quitting location-based apps because they are receiving little or no value from checking in. Regardless, if you’re just learning about location-based [...]