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How to turn off Facebook’s Photo Facial Recognition in your privacy settings

If you didn’t know Facebook added the ability for other users to tag your photos in a new way. It’s being called Facial Recognition aka photo tagging. You can read about it via the Facebook blog here ( Making Photo Tagging Easier ). If you would like to turn it off Nick from All Facebook posted a step by step guide.

Head on over to your privacy settings page (found here), and click on “customize settings.”

Next, scroll down to the “things others share” area and locate the setting “suggest photos of me to friends” (pictured below).

Once you click on the button, a dialog box (like the one pictured below) will show up. Click on the drop-down that says “enabled,” switch it to “disabled” and then click “okay.”

via Facebook Expands Availability Of Facial Recognition Globally — Here’s How To Turn It Off.

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