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How to change your Facebook Places privacy settings in 6 steps: Screenshots

Facebook Places will be the talk of the tech world for the upcoming days ahead. The updated Facebook iPhone app has been released but places is still being rolled out to the millions of USA Facebook users. Facebook Places not only brings an updated iPhone app and changes to the Facebook web app but new privacy options as well.

During the Facebook Places announcement Facebook described how users will be able to easily adjust their check-in privacy options. I just went through my Facebook privacy settings and it’s a 6 step process. Even though it takes 6 steps, the process is straight forward and recommended for everyone to adjust before your Facebook friends start checking you into places your not at or suppose to be at. Here are the 6 steps to adjust your Facebook Places privacy settings.

1. Edit Your profile,

Facebook | Wayne Sutton

2: Customize settings

Facebook | Edit Profile

3. Choose Your Privacy Settings -> Customize settings

Facebook | Privacy Settings

4 & 5: Adjust your Places check in & Include me in “People Here Now” after I check in settings

Facebook | Privacy Settings

6: Adjust your Friends can check me in to Places settings

Facebook | Privacy Settings

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