Coming Soon! 4 New Location Based iPhone apps by minority founders with awesome landing pages, +1

In October of last year while speaking at the Blogalicious conference I bumped into James Andrews, founder of Social People.TV. Both of us were speaking at the conference and had a quick moment to catch up. James, busy traveling and working with celebrity clients discussing social media strategies and I spent most of last year speaking about location-based marketing, apps and TriOut. James also knows Tristan Walker who manages business development at foursquare and we both smiled at the fact that two minorities are very active and visible in the location based startup [...]

location-based applications – deals, check-ins and demographics – infographic

During the month of December I conducted a location-based marketing/applications survey from the readers of and The Location Based Marketing Association. My thanks to the 81 of you who responded to my LBS survey request going into the holidays. Here's the breakdown of your responses.

via and The Location Based Marketing Association

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Other data not shown in the location infographic:

Favorite location-based marketing promotion of 2010:

Foursquare and [...]

Comic – A simple lesson about location-based applications and privacy from Batman and Robin.

This is too funny especially if you're a location-based services fan and love a good comic. Batman tells Robin to stop checking into the Batcave on FourWhere. Ironically Fourwhere is an actual product made by the guys at Sysomos.

Tip: GreggVM

Although the comic is funny, it is a simple reminder about privacy using location-based applications to check-in such as Foursquare, TriOut, Whrrl, Gowalla, loopt and the many others. Basically don't check-in at your home base or other places where you don't want people to find you or a secret place. I think this may [...]

#GEOChat Transcript from September 21, 2010 – Tweets about location-based services

GEOChat covers all things location/geo related offline and online. The discussion also covers your favorite location-based applications such as Foursquare, whrrl, brightkite, Gowalla, TriOut, Facebook Places, SCVNGR, MyTown and more. Other topics includes privacy, API application mashups, offline marketing of location-based campaigns, and how does the entire GEO spaces affects businesses today.

If you have suggestions/questions/topics for #GEOChat please let me know in the comments. #GEOchat is held every Tuesday at 2:00 P.M. EST.

Here's the #GEOChat Transcript [...]

What location-based services, brands and marketers need to know from 11 tweets of #GEOChat one

Yesterday kicked off the first #GEOChat about all things location on Twitter. It started at 2:00 P.M. EST and lasted to 3:00 P.M. During #GEOChat I asked four different questions and received a lot of great feedback from location-based fanboys/ladies and a few from existing location platforms such as Pegshot and TriOut. You can read a full archive of #GEOChat via the TriOut blog here: #GEOChat one Archive .

Below are the four questions I asked during #GEOChat:
1. Who's using Facebook Places as their primary location-based service?
2. What is your number one [...]

#GEOChat Starts today on Twitter at 2:00 P.M. EST, Discussing all things location

Topical Twitter hashtags conversations started a few years ago with #journchat by @prsarahevans. Now we have #b2bchat, #aptchat, #smchat, #blogchat and more. Today I'm pleased to announced #GEOchat starting today at 2:00 P.M. EST on Twitter. #GEOChat will cover all things location/geo related offline and online. The discussion will cover your favorite location-based applications such as Foursquare, whrrl, brightkite, Gowalla, TriOut, Facebook Places, MyTown and more. Other topics we're going to cover will be privacy, API application mashups, offline marketing of [...]

Top 10 Twitter list to follow for updates on geo / location-based apps

As we all know @Twitter is a great way to read news/information when it happens first. For startups and other tech companies having a Twitter account is almost one of those mandatory must have for marketing and securing your digital footprint online. With Twitter list which are now almost one year old, you can group companies/industries twitter accounts together making it easy to read tweets from your competitors or from companies you want to track.

If you're in the location space and looking for Twitter list to keep up with the growing list of location-based apps here are the Top 10 geo [...]