Meditating with HeadSpace App To Become A Better You

Back in November 2014 I wrote a post called I Just Completed 10 days of Meditation with Headspace App. In the post I mentioned how I stared meditating in 2012. Since then I've been between using two meditation apps,, and Insight Timer. Both were ok but I didn't like the various teachers I would have to search for in Insight Timer or the random background sounds in Therefore around mid December I started back using HeadSpace App . I just started Level 3 and up to 11 straight days of meditating sticking with my 2015 be consistent goal.

My pros of using HeadSpace is that I [...]

Screenshots: Holler iPhone App launches to help you connect with people around you for in person activities

I first learned about Holler during SXSW 2011 when founder Nick O’Neill showed me a few screenshots and talked about his vision to help connect people offline with the app. At the time little was posted outside of the Holler landing page but I still wanted to blog about holler as from what I saw I got the feeling the app could be a winner.

As time passed I wondered what was the status of Holler then I ran into Nick at the Google Ventures BBQ in Mountain View, CA. Nick gave me a status update, told me how he started over, learned iPhone iOS development and would be launching soon. Well, [...]

8 websites to help you create an instagram online profile

Instagram is one of those little startups that could. I've been blogging about Instagram since I fell in love with the app when they first launched. Now with over seven million users instagram is living up hype of what I call the new twitter and with the recent rumors that Facebook tried to buy Instagram the photo sharing startup only has one way to go and that is up. With a rapid user growth, an API that developers are building new mashups with and a list of growing brands such as Chevy, Playboy, National Geographic and ABCNews posting photos in the instagram app it's hard to believe that [...]

How to Use Peter Pham’s iphone Color™ app – infographic

When your iPhone app become so cool that it users/fans create an infographic providing examples how to use it then you're on your way to something great... right? Either way, it's what the guys at Namesake has done. Namesake created "The New Party Crasher: How to Troll using Color" infographic of Peter Pham’s smart phone app Color™ .  If you're not familiar with Color, it is a location-aware social application that allow users to take a photo of what's happening around them.


How to Use @Color - Namesake Blog.

Have you used color yet? If so how was your experience?

Why the Charlie Sheen designer QR Code is not #Winning but how I plan to give it some Tiger Blood

It looks like the one and only Charlie Sheen has a new designer QR Code to go along with his social media brand power.  The QR Code looks cool right? A nice black and white Charlie Sheen head in the middle to match the rest of the QR Code,  plus some simple blue gradient background and outline to make QR Code stand out. The QR Code was designed by Set Japan.

Set Japan have designed a QR Code for Charlie Sheen (image below). The QR Code resolves to the official Charlie Sheen website and it will be interesting to see what he makes of it. Hat-tip: Charlie Sheen Gets a Designer QR Code [...]

Tweetbot – a new Twitter iPhone app and what are Twitter users saying about it? #screenshots

Just when you thought the world and/or Apple's iTunes app store didn't need a new Twitter iPhone app, Tweetbot made by Tapbots launches. "Tweetbot is a full-featured iPhone Twitter client with a lot of personality. " it reads on the Tapbot website describing Tweetbot and a lot of personality it does have. Tweetbot has more than personality working for it. I would say Tweetbot provides a new 2011 beautiful user interface (UI) design to using Twitter on the iPhone.

The launch of Tweetbot probably couldn't come at a better time either as over the past month or so Twitter upset a lot of [...]

Video Demo: Background Checkins coming to TriOut version 2 iPhone app.

Guest Post by Lawrence Ingraham @LawPower, Founder/Lead Developer for TriOut.

This is the sixth in a series of posts detailing the history, design and features of TriOut v2 for iPhone.

We've shown you two new ways to check in using TriOut version 2. First by using our new Check in Bar, and second by scanning a QR code. Today I'm going to show you our third and final new way to check in.

Back with version 1, we introduced the concept of pre-arrival check in. You could bring up a location in the app, tap on "Go Here" and send a tweet or update your facebook with a message "I'm on my way [...]