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8 websites to help you create an instagram online profile

instagram online profile

Instagram is one of those little startups that could. I’ve been blogging about Instagram since I fell in love with the app when they first launched. Now with over seven million users instagram is living up hype of what I call the new twitter and with the recent rumors that Facebook tried to buy Instagram the photo sharing startup only has one way to go and that is up. With a rapid user growth, an API that developers are building new mashups with and a list of growing brands such as Chevy, Playboy, National Geographic and ABCNews posting photos in the instagram app it’s hard to believe that instagram is still just an iPhone app. The instagram team has said an Android app is on the way but no date has been announced yet.

The other day I was editing my google+ profile and I wanted to add a public link to my instagram photos  and with instagram being only an iPhone app I had to turn to one of the websites built on the instagram API. There’s a few good ones but some require instagram users to login to see your photos. I wanted a site that would show my instagram photos in a public stream even if someone doesn’t have an instagram account. Instagram public profiles is something I’m sure the team will launch one day but right now they’re focused on mobile, which is a smart move. Below is a list of sites that allow you to create an Instagram public online profile or see your Instagram stats. I decided to go with Webstagram and you can see my webstagram instagram profile here:


  1. Listagram
  2. Inkstagram
  3. Instagrid
  4. Webstagram
  5. Gramfeed 
  6. Extragram
  7. statigram 
  8. followgram 


HatTip – Paul Ford  for items 1-4 via his  Instagram Online post.

What Instagram site do you use to show your photos online?

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