5 How to use Google Wave YouTube videos to watch for better understanding of real-time collaboration

Google Wave has been out now for little over a year and depending on who you ask it's a great tool or it's a flop. Personally I'm a big fan of Google Wave and use it almost daily with my partners. Note I said with my partners because collaborating with others is the number one way to use Google Wave in it's current state. Yes you can take notes, make a to-do-list, or write blog post in Google Wave but to really understand the power of Google Wave it's best to use it working with a team on projections.

Google Wave turns one, then tweets and how to embed a Google Wave blip into any website

Happy birthday Google Wave! A year ago Wave made its debut at I/O — now anyone can try it out. http://bit.ly/dzhj8qFri May 28 16:19:09 via web

In case you missed it, Google Wave turned one year old today. I'm not sure what Google or the Google Wave team did to celebrate but the @Google Twitter account tweeted Happy Birthday about the news and soon the @googlewave team retweeted [...]

9 practical ways to use Google Wave for business

It goes without saying that to some Google Wave was one of most overhyped technologies to launch in 2009. From being called a failed product to users widely complaining about how to just use the platform. And we're not talking about just the average users, even some of the social web elitist such as Kevin Rose who tweeted "playing w/google wave, what does this do exactly?" and Robert Scoble who tweeted "I don't like Google Wave and am avoiding using it until they make major UI fixes."

Other complaints about Google Wave have been that there is no real value to using it over other web [...]

Friday Fix: 6 ways to track your blips in Google Wave

Friday Fix are short post on niche topics/plugins/tools/presentations or you could call them short simple tips.

As Google Wave continues to evolve one of the many complaints about Wave is there is no way to receive a notification when you have a new "blip" aka Google Wave message in general. Well after a few weeks and giving programmers some time, it seems there are a few Google Wave desktop notifiers and extensions for both Firefox and Google Chrome.

Chrome Extension - Google Wave Checker

Google Wave Checker

Unofficial Google Wave Notifier for mac

Google Wave Notifier Beta for [...]

Google Wave review part 2: screencast, thoughts, examples and resources.

As Google Wave invites continue to spread like wildfire and more than just geeks are starting to explore Google Wave, I've seen an increase in the "what are your thoughts on Google Wave" questions. I'm humbled that individuals are interested in my thoughts about Google Wave, I'm also seeing a lot of consultants ask the same question, to see if I'm using Google Wave for any business/marketing use. Regardless, after spending a few days over the weekend to clean out my Google Wave inbox and do some research myself, I'm made a social bookmarking group of Google Wave resources. Also I [...]

How are you using Google Wave? The comments talk.

A few days ago, I recorded a screencast of Google Wave and uploaded it to YouTube, then posted it here on Social Wayne. After the post a few lucky 100,000 users were granted access to Google Wave and reviews were written by both Louis Gray and Robert Scoble. As for the viewers of my screencast here on SocialWayne.com and YouTube it looks like they were left out but they still left comments about how they would use Google Wave. Below are a few of the comments.

Nathan Driver said:
I’m looking forward to it just from the POV of project management. The next level of desktop sharing for [...]

A Google Wave screencast – If you had an account, how would you use Google Wave?

Here's a lite Google Wave screencast. I may not be the best person for a screencast on Google Wave but since it's like "Wave" day I figured why not to show everyone what they're missing or assuming what Google Wave is and can do. Regardless take a look at the screencast and let me know in the comments if you had a Google Wave account how would you use it?

Update: If or when you gain access to Google Wave, I can be reached at : waynesutton@googlewave.com