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How are you using Google Wave? The comments talk.

A few days ago, I recorded a screencast of Google Wave and uploaded it to YouTube, then posted it here on Social Wayne. After the post a few lucky 100,000 users were granted access to Google Wave and reviews were written by both Louis Gray and Robert Scoble. As for the viewers of my screencast here on and YouTube it looks like they were left out but they still left comments about how they would use Google Wave. Below are a few of the comments.

Nathan Driver said:
I’m looking forward to it just from the POV of project management. The next level of desktop sharing for project management. Instead of multi-layering IM’s – it’s an all in one.

cloakanddagger31 said:
If I had a google wave invite, I would use to work with my training organization to collaborate on lesson materials and instructions. I also work with another non-profit and because i am in another state, I would use it for administrative projects, meeting minutes and program development collaboration. It is great, I just need to get more users to create a google account. Thanks for the? screencast Mr. Sutton, it’s nice to see a bro on here discussing tech work.

luanlessa13 said:
I believe this will be great way to collaborate projects. Atleast I’ll use primarily? for that.

rouleduke86 said:
That looks really cool. I’d use it for business primarily. It’d be great to coordinate the Google Wave collaboration features with a Skype call. Or, it’d be great? to have a video feature on Wave…

Eleanor Thorne said:
I think we could use this in the mortgage industry to show people live examples of their costs? I’d be worried about the security though – but I might see a way to use this in a practical business fashion… thanks

T3CK said:
If I had a Google wave account I would use the account to stay in contact with fellow blogger’s in my niche and I would also you use Google wave as a documentation calibration tool with guest blogger’s for my site.

Evan Roberts said:
Not sure what I would do with Wave just yet, the concept of real-time editing of documents or whatever in the form of “conversation” is interesting though. Thanks for this screencast for those of us who weren’t cool enough for an invite lol

The Google Wave Screencast:

If or when you gain access to Google Wave, I can be reached at :

Do you agree with the comments above? If you received a Google Wave invite, since Wednesday how are you using it?

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