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What were your top Tech Conferences of 2009?


So last night while at the Internet Summit pre-party I was chatting with Simon Cole @simonjcole, Meg Crawford @Postgrad and Tessa Horehled @tessa about what drives attendees for tech / social media conferences and what are the top conferences that people should attend in 2010. Most people would say it’s the content or the speakers that drive attendees, for me it’s networking.

As we start looking at budgets for next year people are already starting to plan what conferences they should attend in 2010. While talking last night we were listing conferences that were valuable to us such as SXSW and BlogWorld (of course) but then after that the list is wide open. I would also add my conference (The Social Media Business Forum ( ) #shamelessplug :).

With that being said, what were your top Tech Conferences of 2009 and why?

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