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Google Wave review part 2: screencast, thoughts, examples and resources.

google wave

As Google Wave invites continue to spread like wildfire and more than just geeks are starting to explore Google Wave, I’ve seen an increase in the “what are your thoughts on Google Wave” questions. I’m humbled that individuals are interested in my thoughts about Google Wave, I’m also seeing a lot of consultants ask the same question, to see if I’m using Google Wave for any business/marketing use. Regardless, after spending a few days over the weekend to clean out my Google Wave inbox and do some research myself, I’m made a social bookmarking group of Google Wave resources. Also I recorded a video screen cast about how I’m using Google Wave now. Back to what are my thoughts on Google Wave and how I’m using it; here’s a list below.

  • I think Google Wave will replace Gmail in the years to come
  • I think Google Wave will be used by companies internally for communication and collaboration in the future
  • I think Google Wave will be a part of Google’s social network that will include Google Reader
  • I’m using Google Wave to collaborate on projects, where I upload files and brainstorm ideas in real-time with others
  • I think Google Wave will become more popular to use for note taking at conferences
  • I think Google Wave will be used to for training and webinars
  • I think Google Wave will find use in the media / entertainment industry but I don’t know how yet besides communication or a commerce buy and sale music system
  • I think Google Wave will become more social by integrating with Facebook and Twitter
  • I think Google Wave will be used as a video chat solution
  • I think Google Wave should be used with Google Chrome on Mac and windows for best performance.
  • I think there’s a slim chance we’ll see a Google Wave/ Chrome gadgets/extensions app store or just all listed on Google Gadgets site
  • I think I could be wrong about all of the above.
  • I think it’s to early to put limits on Google Wave or predict all the uses for it.

If you’re new to Google Wave, I would start here: The Complete Guide to Google Wave is a comprehensive user manual by Gina Trapani with Adam Pash.

You can add me as a contact on Google Wave by entering:

Now, it’s your turn. What are your thoughts on Google Wave and how are you using it?

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