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5 How to use Google Wave YouTube videos to watch for better understanding of real-time collaboration

Google Wave has been out now for little over a year and depending on who you ask it’s a great tool or it’s a flop. Personally I’m a big fan of Google Wave and use it almost daily with my partners. Note I said with my partners because collaborating with others is the number one way to use Google Wave in it’s current state. Yes you can take notes, make a to-do-list, or write blog post in Google Wave but to really understand the power of Google Wave it’s best to use it working with a team on projections.

@waynesutton people still use google wave?less than a minute ago via EasyTweets

Often I’ll Tweet how much I like Google Wave and then I’ll get a response like the one above or that people are trying to compare Google Wave to another social network such as Facebook or Twitter. Google Wave does have friends list/contacts and you could look at the inbox as a wall but I don’t think that’s the correct approach. At one point I remember saying that Google Wave could even replace email. I still think it could but for right now Google Wave is all about collaboration.

To help users learn how to get more out of Google Wave, Google created a series of getting started YouTube videos. Here are 5 how to use Google Wave Youtube videos if you’re new to Google Wave.

1. Meet Google Wave

2. Managing your inbox

3. Google Wave: 15 features

4. Replying to waves

5. Editing waves

Do you use Google Wave if so how? If not why not?

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