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Poll: QR Codes vs Barcodes: Which one will foursquare and other location-based services use the most for check-ins? StickyBits hopes its Barcordes

As location-based services continue to be in a marketing industry beta lab and a buzz topic for blog post, users and startups are looking for better ways to make the check-in process easier and more valuable. Some users have mentioned they would like a way to auto check-in to a location and others would like to scan a barcode or qr code while entering a location. RFID is another technology being rumored to be implemented by Facebook but I believe QR Codes or Barcode along with better smart phones will the take lead in improving the check-in process.

A few startups offering QR Code and Barcode check-ins are Stickybits and φ². Stickybits is unique being that you can scan a barcode, use the barcode to check-in, add a comment, photo or even a video. The idea around stickybits is great being that it’s a social network, allows user generated content and lets brands manage “bits” to control the content. Recently Pepsi partnered with Stickybits for social media sponsorship campign. You can read more about it here: Stickybits Rolls Out “Official” Branded Bits, Signs Up Pepsi As First Advertiser via @TechCrunch

For more about Stickybits see the video below:

The φ² project markets itself as allowing “physical check-ins with Foursquare”. Basiclaly anyone can create a QRcode via their website that allows you to check-in when a user scans it. If you’re a business you can create your own window cling and encourage users to check-in with any QR code scanner. Watch the video below for more on φ²

Foursquare Physical Checkin from mobile life on Vimeo.

Other location-based applications/services are using QR codes such as Brightkite and Google Places. As for user adoption far more people in America are aware of barcodes in our society than QR code but I’m starting to see a big shift do to the recent incrrease of location-based applications use of QR Codes. At this time I believed QR codes if used properly have their advantages but the Stickybits barcode scanning platfrom is a great way to implement gaming and social content creation along with marketing in a simple concept.

What do you think, QR Codes vs Barcodes? Take the poll below:
Which one will foursquare and other location-based services use the most for check-ins?

Now, if you’re wondering what those QR and Barcodes on my blog are, now you know. If you’re interested in location-based marketing see my presentation: Getting Started with Location-based marketing in 2010:


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