CNN’s Black in America 4 offers GetGlue limited-edition Check-in stickers

It seems CNN is going all out promoting Black In America 4. Expect to see @Soledad_OBrien live tweeting, plenty of Facebook status updates and more. Yesterday CNN announced that viewers watching Black In America 4 can pre check-in and check-in with GetGlue for limited-edition stickers.

GetGlue is offering limited-edition stickers for the next installment of CNN’s Black in America.

Before the premiere of The New Promised Land: Silicon Valley on Sunday, Nov. 13, GetGlue users can ‘check in’ to unlock exclusive stickers.

CNN anchor and special correspondent Soledad O’Brien  [...]

Two NC Startups partner to offer location-based check-in contest: @TriOut and @Shoeboxed

It's good to see local startups working together! Originally posted on TriOut's blog

Since we launched back in February one of our goals has been to work with local businesses to offer a check-in learderboard contest each month. Previous contest have included working with Empire Eats, Arrichion Hot Yoga , Golden Corral and today we’re excited to announce that TriOut has partner with the Durham startup Shoeboxed for a top 5 check-in leaderboard contest.

“Shoeboxed is the easiest way to get rid of your paper clutter. Send receipts, business cards, and other documents to them in [...]

9 offline lead generation tips for businesses exploring location based marketing

From TriOut to @Foursquare to @Whrrl to @Brightkite and Yelp, some businesses are struggling finding ways to promote their check-in specials and other location-based promotions. Even with the recent news of @Loopt reaching 4 million users, myTown with 2 million users and Foursquare just passing the 2 million user mark last week the main stream adoption of location based services still has a long way to go. Currently more businesses are using Facebook and Twitter for social media marketing but for businesses looking to cash in on the location check-in wave businesses may have to put a bigger [...]

Would you check-in to win free Gas? Whrrl partners with Murphy USA for social loyalty program

As many question the value of using location-based services a lot users are still asking the question, what am I getting out of it for checking in? A few years ago using your favorite geo app was just a cool tech/geek thing to do but now it’s all about value. Fast forward to 2010 and the tech blogging space is dominated by post about Foursquare vs Gowalla and very few mentions of the other 20+ location-based apps that are working on partnerships to add value to their users.

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Enter Whrrl, is a Seattle based app founded by Pelago. Last week [...]

Upcoming speaking events: It’s all about location-based services: TriOut, Foursquare and Social Media

It seems almost everyone is trying to learn more about location-based marketing or location-based services/applications. Along with how can they use mobile check-in applications with their existing marketing efforts, implement with their social media strategies and see is it worth the hype and attention to where everyone is blogging and talking about location. Just last month the entire @TriOut team spent the afternoon at the @NCTech4Good conference discussing how non-profits can use TriOut and other location-based services. Also the last two previous speaking occasions were on location. One [...]

The unofficial check-in guidelines for using location-based services

Location-based services continue to be the hot topic of the marketing and tech space. New location-based apps are launching weekly and existing location based apps are growing their user base faster than you can check-in into to @starbucks. But with everyone checking into to what everyone is called the next big thing I think it's time for some unofficial guidelines for checking in using a few of the popular location based services.

Below are a few guidelines for using  location-based services.

Adding locations:

  • Add real locations only
  • Add as much information about the location as [...]