The Struggle is where greatness comes from – Post Accelerator, Rejection and Venture Capital

Now I could let these dream killers kill my self-esteem
Or use my arrogance as the steam to power my dreams
I use it as my gas, so they say that I'm gassed
But without it I'd be last, so I ought to laugh
-Kanye West, Last Call

Post Accelerator Motivation
Its Monday, October 22nd, 2012 and I am feeling motivated and encouraged. I’m pursuing my entrepreneurship goals fresh out of YCombinator Startup School this past weekend. I had this same feeling earlier this year after attending my first TED conference in Long Beach. Now starting to hit my stride in San Francisco after spending a few [...]

Going back to Cali … NewME, Startup Dreams and To Change The World

"Going back to Cali, Cali, Cali..." Yesterday was a bitter-sweet day. I'm excited, nervous, sad, happy, out of my mind, but motivated. I've moved to San Francisco. It was a tough decision but with everything going on and my future plans, dreams and goals it's the best move for life today.

I've been a long time geek, entrepreneur, blogger, designer and then some and my long time dream was making it big in Silicon Valley. Until last year I never thought it would be possible but then NewME Accelerator happen and that changed everything. I think back to 2009 while planning and giving my first [...]

Antyony Fraiser’s Playd iPhone and Android Apps Now Available

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Are you into gaming or mobile or social gaming or earning rewards or all of the above? If so you're in luck as playd iPhone and Android apps are now available for you to download on both the iPhone app store and Android Market place. Playd allows you to you rate, share, and discuss the games you love with your friends!

In an email sent last night Playd founders say:

I'm proud to announce that Playd is finally born! We spent the entire summer building and collecting feedback from you guys and now you can see it in action. As gamers our work is never done.

Video: Watch Innovation Nation: Startup Success Panel with Mario Armstrong #bialive

Sunday after CNN's Black In America 4, Silicon Valley Mario Armstrong hosted an Innovation Nation: Startup Success Panel in Baltimore, MD. I had the opportunity to participate along with my NewME Accelerator house mate Hank Willams. It was a great event but if you missed it, watch the video below.

Watch live streaming video from marioarmstrongshow at

A big thanks to Mario Armstrong for inviting and hosting [...]

26 things Black In America 4 didn’t show you last night during my summer in Silicon Valley

Posted Yesterday: Update title from: Black In America 4, Silicon Valley spoiler alert! 26 things to keep in mind while watching #blackinamerica tonight

Black In America 4 spoiler alert, spoiler alert! (not really)but Black In America 4 airs tonight 8pm on CNN. The subtitle is Silicon Valley, the new promise land narrated by Soledad O’Brien. The base of story about Black In America 4 is the NewME Accelerator which I help plan/organize with Angela Benton and also as a participated in as an entrepreneur. CNN heard about the project via a Wall Street Journal Article and the rest I guess you [...]

Vouch – demo day slide deck and video pitch

Vouch Demo Day pitch:

Vouch Demo Day Slide Deck:

Wayne Sutton co-founded Vouch in July 2011.

What is Vouch?
Vouch is a unified platform that allows people to share recommendations of others in their networks.

The status of Vouch
I'm currently learning new programming languages to build, design and launch a beta version of Vouch by the end of first quarter 2012, along with preparing to work with the NewMe Accelerator 2012 class. I'm also working on my first book, which is about closing the digital divide.

Dear Mr. President Barack Obama, see what had happen was… Explanation of my Black In America 4 comment about not putting money in my pocket

Tomorrow is the big day. CNN Black In America 4 airs about the NewME Accelerator and our experiences in Silicon Valley. If you have seen any of the preview trailers/commercials you can tell there are some very controversial, intense moments. You have the whole Michael Arrington situation and personally there my comment/rant where I mention President Barack Obama. Let me explain the "CONTEXT" of the situation.

First here is what I said,

It's very sad, it's 2011 and we have a black President … AND, he's not putting no money in my pocket right now directly, so what do we got to do? Play [...]