10 new QR Code generators with analytics to bridge the mobile social online offline worlds and increase consumer engagement


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To say QR Codes are taking off is an understatement despite some calling QR Codes old technology and everyone not seeing the value of using them. But with the growing number of smartphone use and mobile marketing, QR Code campaigns from major brands, movie posters, jewelry companies and consumer products, tons of QR Code case studies are being created.

Yesterday TechCrunch posted an article about a new social profile QR Code platform called SPARQCodes. “SPARQCodes can contain any type of content [...]

TriOut For Business explained. A location-based dashboard with messaging. By @LawPower

We are about to release some really exciting updates to TriOut for Business. The beta has been a great success and we have gotten feedback from those businesses that participated resulting in a number of enhancements and new features that add even more value for TriOut customers, both businesses and individuals. We will be sharing the details on the various plans with you over the coming weeks, along with some videos that show you how to use the service to enhance your sales and marketing efforts. If your business is not already listed in TriOut, please contact us and we'll be happy to [...]

How you can take part in the Duke vs. UNC Social Media Challenge and the Sysomos & Scout Labs reports

Today is one of the most talked about games of the year in men's college basketball. It's the rivalry between Duke and the University of North Carolina. For those who follow me across the social web know that I'm a big UNC fan and even though UNC is having a rough season this year, I still believe they can beat Duke tonight. I believe so much that made a Twitter background bet with Duke fan, fellow NC resident and president of Ignite Social Media, Jim Tobin. The bet is if and when UNC beat Duke tonight, Jim has to change his Twitter background to custom UNC themed background for one week.

You Lie! Numbers do matter: How brands look for influencers on the social web

A few years ago showing your RSS subscribers numbers was a big deal for validating your blog success and/or readership. Fast forward to 2009 you'll see banner ads not saying how to get more blog readers but how to get more Twitter followers. I know you have heard the saying, "It's not about the numbers", I have said it before and I'm sure you have heard plenty of "social media speakers" say it before too. But when I talk to businesses and they ask me, how many followers I have and ask how can they reach my audience and gain the same amount of followers and more, it's tough to say, it's not [...]

Twitoaster launches API and WordPress plugin to bring twitter conversations & analytics to your site.

The Pitch
Twitoaster ( http://twitoaster.com ) – the service threading conversations on Twitter, favorite of New York Times writer David Pogue – is launching its open API on Thursday, October the 8th.

This API will open all Twitoaster’s data and services (conversations threading and archiving, statistics, search...) to third party applications.

This could be a great news for many Twitter app developers, as they’ll find here a very easy way to integrate conversations and statistics in their applications.

Companies looking to manage efficiently their Twitter(s) account(s) could [...]