Twitter for Business is now open

Tonight ReadWriteWeb broke the news about the new Twitter for Business platform that allows businesses to buy Ads, Trending Topics & promoted tweets. Depending on how long you have been using Twitter you may be thinking what took them so long. Regardless it looks like Twitter is setting up to make money from anyone who would like to get more followers and/or just to increase their Twitter presence. A lot of questions are soon to follow and it will be interesting to see what type of companies and brands start using the new Twitter for Business dashboard and analytics service.

Only time [...]

Does a Whole Foods outdoor Foursquare blackboard ad equal instant check-in success?

Photo by: dpstyles™

Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley @Dens posted a photo to his flickr stream of a Whole Foods location with a Foursquare blackboard outdoor ad/sign. The ad reads “Every 5th check-in receive a small scoop of house-made gelato from out gelato bar. Redeem offer (before it melts) at our gelato bar in our second floor cafe.” Is the idea of the ad ground breaking or new or the next level of “social media marketing” or location-based marketing? No, but it is smart. It’s smart that the owner/manager of the Whole Foods location understands that it takes an effort [...]

LiveStream launches custom interactive events with Facebook & Twitter similar to uStream

LiveStream's new service features:

  • Fully branded user experience on your website, syndication partners website, and Facebook.
  • Viral At The Core - Through chat, your viewers promote links to your live event and destinations using Twitter and Facebook status updates.
  • Social At The Core - Watch within Facebook, build followers for your Twitter profile and Facebook pages/applications.
  • Scalable - The Livestream Platform can handle hundreds of thousands of simultaneous viewers.

More info:

Here's a screen shot from Ustream's [...]

5 things we hate about the internet! What do you hate about the WWW?

Today on Talk Social News we list 5 things we hate about the internet. After you watch or listen to our list, what do you hate about the internet? Let us know in the comments.

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How to use Twittie for the mac. It’s fast, one column & awesome. Twitter after Oprah & what’s makes a great Tinyurl service – episode 018

Today on Talk Social News we review Twittie @twittie for the mac it's fast, simple & awesome. Plus Twitter after Oprah (@Oprah) & what's makes a great Tinyurl service like &

The Video:

Tweetie is made by atebits Loren Brichter @atebits.

Tweetie Review and Screencast:

Tweetie is free to download and will be ad supported. To remove the ads, Tweetie's registration will cost you $14.95 (2 week introduction price, after two weeks it will cost $19.95). More information here:

@Atebits announces Tweetie for the mac is available to [...]