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Weekly Pitch: GizaPage, a social network organizer

The Pitch:


GizaPage ( is a social network organizer that helps consumers and brands manage their online presence by consolidating their many social networking profiles side by side under a personalized URL. GizaPage supports 75+ social sites, from Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter and Delicious, giving users a hub to organize and promote their Web 2.0 social identity. As part of GizaPage’s ongoing efforts to give users more control of their social networking persona, GizaPage recently introduced several premium services:

  • Custom URLs (normally $4.95 per month – free for a year if you sign up in July 2009) – Modify your GizaPage URL, removing GizaPage branding (e.g. vs. If your URL is already in use, you can host your GizaPage as a masked sub-domain (e.g. vs.
  • 1-Click GizaCards – Displays icons of all your social profiles on a single card. Using one click, the card takes people directly to your GizaPage to browse all your profiles from a single place, under a single URL. The 1-Click GizaCard can easily be embedded on your blog, Web site, Facebook wall or Twitter profile to promote your social identity on GizaPage and encourage further discovery and exploration of your many online profiles.
  • Custom profiles – Change the background, color, font and layout of your GizaPage profile for free.
  • Basic statistics – Get free up-to-date details on visits and page views to your GizaPage and various social profiles.
  • Account updates – Receive free, bi-monthly e-mails alerting you to new GizaPage signups by contacts in your e-mail address book, new connections between friends and updates made to friends’ GizaPages.

My first impressions: Clean interface, interesting idea but is it to late to the social profiles landscape.

Will I use it? I have yet to create an account but I will soon.

What features I like? The ability to provide statistics and promote your social profiles.

What features I don’t like? Since I have yet to create an account I really can’t say but I hope it has an auto discovery feature that finds my profiles vs have to paste  a url from my existing social networking profiles.

What does GizaPage remind me of? A mashup of FriendFeed, DandyID and

Questions for you:

Will you use it, if so how?

Have  you read about GizaPage before?

What is your first impression of GizaPage?

If you would like for me to review your product or site email: pitches at socialwayne dot com . Disclaimer: I have no investment or relationship with the creators of this site. Thank you.

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