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Announcing: a Twitter Virtual gift store by @Tiffani

Guest post by: Tiffani Bell (@tiffani) cofounder of


Lots of developers making use of the Twitter API use it to create different ways to visualize tweets.  We decided to do something a little different yet still useful.  Enter TwellWishes.

TwellWishes is a Twitter app that allows Twitter users to send well wishes to their followers for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, or whatever you like.  And truthfully, people can use TwellWishes to wish somebody well for anything.  We’ve already seen people send virtual bottles of champagne and pints of beer just for fun.

TwellWishes also doubles as a reminder service so that no one’s birthday isever forgotten.  Every user has a link they can give out which allows people to add themselves to that user’s birthday list.  When a birthday rolls around, everybody who has that user’s birthday on their list will be reminded with one simple tweet.  Then, they can send a tweet to that person from the TwellWishes dashboard or they can send a virtual gift to that user such as a cake or a comfy pair of slippers.

Yahya proposed the idea after noticing there was no way to keep track of followers’ birthdays.  Facebook users get that information automatically, but on Twitter you only see birthdays in passing in your stream.  Furthermore, you usually end up with some kind of gift for your birthday, so we thought it’d be neat to open up a virtual gift store.  Users can send gifts with either credits or cash (via PayPal).  Everybody starts off with 100 gift credits to send at least one free gift.  When they run out of credits, they can easily purchase more.  Also, users can earn gift credits when they send gifts via PayPal.

We like to think of TwellWishes as great for anybody on Twitter who wants to have a bit of fun while discovering something simple and universal about their followers!

About the founders of  TwellWishes.

Tiffani Bell (@tiffani) is a twenty-something in pursuit of better living through software.
Tiffani is also the founder of Pencil You In ( which allows beauticians to accept appointments online and via text message.  Tiffani has also appeared on the radio in Philadelphia (Technically Speaking Radio with JC Lamkin) to talk about Ruby and Ruby on Rails (she’s a huge fan) and the greater social/access implications of free and open source software. Tiffani graduated in May 2008 with a BSc in Computer Science from Howard University.

Navy veteran and entrepreneur, by design, Yahya is an idea guy. He has been in the real estate business for 8 years and serves as founder of sustainable development blog He also serves as Director of Business Development for The Aribra Group, LLC, a real estate development consultancy. Yahya has built his career around his passion for people, the planet, technology and real estate. Along with partners, Yahya started TwellWishes, LLC, an application developer for the birthday reminder service TwellWishes. He currently resides in Augusta, GA. You can follow him on Twitter @YahyaHenry.

I wish both Tiffani and Yahya much success with TwellWishes.
What are your thoughts about the project?

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