14 Social Media Professionals to watch in 2010 from the Triangle, NC


If there’s two things most of my friends and colleagues know about me is that I love living in the Triangle, NC area which includes Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill and that I love technology/gadgets/social media. This area has one of the largest and smartest technology communities in the world and more than often I think is over looked by others.

A few weeks ago I saw a tweet from someone asking about what cities have strong social media communities and they were listing New York, Austin, Miami and the “Valley” which are worthy but don’t forget about the Triangle area too. With more companies starting to implement social media strategies into their marketing efforts or use social media for customer service we have seen an impact from various companies in the area either from creating new positions or launching new products or using social media for community outreach.

Below is a list of social media professionals in the Triangle Area who I believe are ones to watch in 2010.

1. David Thomas
Title: Social Media Manager for SAS
Twitter: @DavidBThomas
Url: http://blogs.sas.com/socialmedia/

2. Nathan Gilliatt
Title: Principal, Social Target and organizer of AnalyticsCamp
Twitter: @gilliatt
Url: http://net-savvy.com/executive/

3. GinnySkal
Title: Social Media Specialist for Cree
Twitter: @ginnyskal
Url: http://ginnyskal.com/

4. Morgan Siem
Title: Social Media Strategist at Media Two Interactive
Twitter: @morgansiem
Url: http://www.mediatwopointoh.com/

5. Adam Covati
Title: CoFounder of Argyle Social and Founder of http://idek.net
Twitter: @Covati
Url: http://adamcovati.com/

6. Angela Connoer
Title: Author of ’18 Rules of Community Engagement.’ Online community manager and strategist at WRAL
Twitter: @communitygirl
Url: http://blog.angelaconnor.com

7. Catherine Mears
Title: Social Media Specialist at AICPA
Twitter: @catmears

8. Dan London
Title: Director of Online Marketing @ ShareFile.com
Twitter: @Danlondon
Url: http://www.dan-london.com

9. Phil Buckley
Title: Support Developer at McClatchy Interactive
Twitter: @1918
Url: http://www.1918.com/

10. Karlie Justus
Title: PR/ Social Media Officer with N.C. State Fair & NC Dept. of Agriculture.
Twitter: @KarlieJ

11. Olalah Njenga
Title: Marketing Strategist at the YellowWood Group
Twitter: @Olalah
Url: http://www.yellowwoodgroup.com

12. Gregory NG
Title: VP Creative Director at Brooks Bell Interactive.
Twitter: @gregoryng
Url: http://www.followgreg.com/

13. Brian McDonald
Title: Vice President of Marketing & Social Media at SignalShare
Twitter: @bmcd67
Url: http://zen-marketing.blogspot.com

14. Andy Beal
Title: Founder of Trackur.com, author of Radically Transparent, editor of MarketingPilgrim.com
Twitter: @Andybeal
Url: http://www.andybeal.com

UPDATE: I forgot Chris Moody. Sorry Chris.
15. Chris Moody
Title: Social Marketing Manager at Bandwidth.com
Twitter: @cnmoody
Url: http://www.chris-moody.com

You can also follow my list of Triangle Social Media professionals on Twitter from my Triangle To Watch list.

Please note, I do know all of the individuals on the list and this not a buddy list or a list by the numbers of their twitter followers or etc. It’s a list of professionals from various companies in the Triangle who I believe will have an impact locally and nationally in the social media space. If you’re on the list, don’t let me down. 🙂

*Not included in this are my partners/friends from OurHashtag who are very active in the social media scene in the Triangle Area. They include:
Kipp Bodnar
Ryan Boyles
Jeff Cohen

What are your thoughts on the list and/or who did I leave off and why?

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