Because of you was selected as one of the Top20 blogs for Black Enterprise Bloggers Month 2011

Over the years I have never guessed how blogging or having a blog could change or affect my life. Some people blog to share their opinion, some blog because it's their job and some blog as a hobby and just for fun. I think I've all four. Regardless of the reason, I've received my share of privileged access to events, established partnerships, launched startups and other opportunities and this blog has been at the core of how I've been able to tell my story and share information with the world. Because of that has been listed as One of the Top 50 Social Media Blogs Of 2010 [...]

Announcing the SocialWayne iPhone app with QR Code Reader & Group Chat. Plus QR Code Contest

The QR Code Reader and Group Chat iPhone App for Everyone!

As some of you know I'm a huge QR Code fanboy and today I'm excited to announce the new SocialWayne community iPhone app with QR Code Reader, group chat and mobile contest with over $1,000 in prizes from companies such as Mophie, Trackur,Tappinn and more! Just download, scan the QR Code on and chat to win!

The new iPhone app bridges mobile, social, online and offline communities to provide a new way of mobile engagement. Other features of the app include listings of upcoming web/tech events and the ability to [...]

New job board for employers and job seekers looking for the best talent and opportunities in web development, SEO and internet marketing

I've been wanting to launch a job board on for more than a year and today I'm pleased to announce that the SocialWayne Job board is now live. You can access the job board at The new job board is powered by JobThread which also powers job boards for other technology news and social media blogs such as ReadWriteWeb, Business Insider, VentureBeat and Marketing Pilgrim.

The cost for posting a job board is $50.00 for 30 days. Featured job posting cost an additional $20.00 but are highlighted and posted on too. Featured job board entries [...]

Google Wave review part 2: screencast, thoughts, examples and resources.

As Google Wave invites continue to spread like wildfire and more than just geeks are starting to explore Google Wave, I've seen an increase in the "what are your thoughts on Google Wave" questions. I'm humbled that individuals are interested in my thoughts about Google Wave, I'm also seeing a lot of consultants ask the same question, to see if I'm using Google Wave for any business/marketing use. Regardless, after spending a few days over the weekend to clean out my Google Wave inbox and do some research myself, I'm made a social bookmarking group of Google Wave resources. Also I [...]